They're gonna get in.
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Defend your server from viruses with, for some reason, flamethrowers and machine guns. Happy Friday!
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Or you could just get rid of the Windows ...
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And to think I was on step 10 (Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it) of my Desktop Tower Defense recovery program. Looks like I'm off the wagon for this new hotness. Jazzy music too...
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um, previously?

the formula's pretty damn similar...
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I still think nothing quite stands up to DTD.
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Is it just me, or do the ice guns not actually do anything?
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The constant price of vigilance is its own report. Why leverage today, when you can delegate tomororw?
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Gosh I suck. What does it take to kill the triangles?
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Unquestioning loyalty.
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I find that a couple of flamethrowers lined up at either end of one of those long corridors does the trick nicely.
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Actually, there aren't a lot of problems in life that won't take care of, come to think of it.
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I got to level 45 on easy. The secret seemed to be flamethrowers placed on corners, but those "house-shaped" (rectangle+triangle) guys were so tough that I just couldn't add enough flamethrowers to take them out. after the first dozen flamethrowers, the game starts getting really unresponsive, too.

the ice guns *do* do something once they're upgraded. At the first level they freeze for .04 seconds, which is probably too little time to notice.

I find constructing the "maze" in DTD a bit tedious (and heaven forbid you should have your central air turrets off by a block!), so it's nice that this gives you the maze and lets you place your weapons along it as you please. I don't miss DTD's flying enemy waves, either.

In Defender Y3k there seems to be a greater progression of enemy strength, even if the enemies themselves are all about the same.
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How do you even place anything? I start out with less money than it takes to buy anything, and the instructions don't actually provide UI instruction.
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Ah, never mind. Has to start with machine guns.
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The game ends at level 51 on easy. And the fact that I got to the last level after a few plays impresses zero hardcore tower defense people.

Now, like French Fry, I can resume my 12 step program for avoiding flash games.
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Sorry, this one's kinda lame. Desktop and Vector still rule the roost.
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Not bad..

The ice guns slow the enemy, so your other weapons have enough time to take 'em out. I wasn't able to make any progress at all on impossible difficulty, and I wasn't able to kill the boss on very high difficulty..
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I can't get past forty-five on easy. Putting ice cannons near the beginning tends to mush the viruses all together so when you line up a bunch of flame throwers in the center the viruses get fried rather equally. That helps for awhile. After I could afford it I put the big guns towards the end of the line along with more ice cannons to slow them down and get hit more, but by the time you get to the green and blue house things there's just nothing else I can think to come up with. I would just try all flame thrower as they seem to do the most damage over an area when used right, but the game gets really wobbly after a dozen or so guns of any kind get placed.
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Place the ice guns so that they choke up the viruses at some point in the middle, then place all your weapons so they can hit that spot. Don't worry about spreading the weapons out, it isn't helpful (except maybe at the beginning, and when you are trying to kill the boss). The best choke point is toward the middle or end of a straight, I think, so that you can place flamethrowers at the ends, firing directly along the path.
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This damn game is taking up all my free time.

By the end, I need about a dozen ice cannons and a dozen flamethrowers, all in the same stretch as Chuckles describes, and that pretty much takes care of everything up to round 50. At that point you better have invested in a couple light guns and void guns (not a lot) to take out what gets through. All guns maxed up to 5 of course. I beat Easy, now I'm moving up to Hard ...
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"Congratulations! You've prevented the complete destruction of the primary server. You've earned yourself a 5% raise. Next year."
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