The World Just Lost Another Hulkamaniac...
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Hulk Rules! Hulk Hogan's memorable 1995 album examined, with audio samples. Not to be missed: Hulkster in Heaven (YouTube), Hogan's soulful tribute to a young fan who died of cancer ("I used to tear my shirt/ but now you've torn my heart/ I knew you were a Hulkamaniac/ right from the very start...") featuring the most ambitious gospel choir ever to back a professional wrestler. Further appreciation and lyrics. Musical talent must run in the family...
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I used to own this album.
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Hulk's album at least cracked the Top Ten on the children's charts. Brooke's "Undiscovered" was not as well-received.
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This is good -- or something.
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The Hulksters in the House.
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And for another unforgettable pro-wrestler album, don't forget about Be A Man by Macho Man Randy Savage.
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I would just like to share a factoid I just now learned: Hulk Hogan's real first name is "Terence".
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This post made me long to see a Hulk special I only vaguely remember. For some reason nothing on Hulk's IMDB page is ringing a bell with this.

Anyway, the special aired on Nickelodeon in the early nineties (possibly late eighties) and was Hulk narrating the story of his early life as an overweight kid who turned his life around by taking up baseball, toning up, and eventually becoming the lump of muscle we grew to love. Anyone remember this special?
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... the story of his early life as an overweight kid who turned his life around by taking up baseball, toning up, and eventually becoming the lump of muscle we grew to love. Anyone remember this special?

It was called "The Rich Garces Story"
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El Guapo FTW!

Can you imagine your day in the studio as a backup singer for "Hulkster in Heaven"? It would be worth all the "I'm never putting this on my resume" embarrassment to watch Jimmy Hart's sexy musicface as he rocked the EFX.
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This is awesome. I thought my buddy Vince and I were the only two people left in civilization who knew this album existed. We still sing "I Wanna Be A Hulkamaniac" when we go camping and stuff. And this album served as my inspiration to play the banjo... I figured if the Hulkster could learn to play bass, I could certainly learn the banjo.
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Run in the family, run from the family, whatever.
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I had all the mp3s of this when I discovered it was for sale at the 99 cent store on cassette. I should have gone with my gut and bought 20 copies.

Oh well. Positive thoughts and positive deeds.

Fans of this album may also enjoy Fabio After Dark and the music of Chris "Corky" Burke.
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Anyway, the special aired on Nickelodeon in the early nineties.... Anyone remember this special?

I vividly remember the story of him eating till he threw up to prove.... I didn't really understand why he did that. I did see this though!

Chris "Corky" Burke

You know, I think he might have done more harm than any other person to my sensitivity to the mentally handicapped (which I have in spades), because I cannot (and WILL not!) stop laughing when listening to "Eating Is Fun, Eating Is Serious".
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I never really liked wrestling, but I must confess I saw some wrestling/MTV crossover thing when I was young, and there was a quote that was so awesome I will never forget it.

Apparently, the back story was that there were good guys who liked MTV, and bad guys who didn't. The good and bad guys always fought each other. This is the time in the 80's where a lot of kids thought wrestling was real.

Anyway, one of the bad guys was someone who I now know was named Bobby "the Brain" Heenan, but at the time I swore I heard him announced on the show as "B. Bobby the Bathroom". He had a running gag that MTV stood for "Music To Vomit by".

So "The Brain" was being interviewed by some pinhead about mixing MTV with wrestling, and the pinhead asked, "So, Bobby, what does all this mean? Is it politics, aesthetics, sociology?" In other words, was the mixing fake music with fake sports fundamentally a question of politics, aesthetics, or sociology? To this day I don't know the answer.

But B. Bobby the Bathroom a.k.a. Bobby the Brain Heenan, turned to the camera with all the intellectual confidence in the world and said:

"Politics, aesthetics, sociology? All of it, Jim. All of it, and yet, none of it."

It's like he was channeling the I Ching.
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Man, weak mockery. I've heard this album, and if all you can say is that Hulk lacks talent, you're not listening.

And yet, the Savage album may be the worst wrestler's foray into music ever. Especially where he calls out the Hulk as gay.

The best? George "The Animal" Steele.
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A few years back I purchased a ten-pack of this album via eBay, giving them to friends as gifts. Most of them still don't understand its greatness.
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Wow... that is an excellent site you linked to, for the variety of terrible music they share with us! I wonder if they are possibly missing the point on the G√ľnther Levi album though? Could that album possibly be serious, rather than already intended as satire?? Or am I too skeptical?
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Brooke Hogan. yup.
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Wow, puke. In that second photo, the facial expressions of almost all of the girls in the first two rows really say it all.
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