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Start drawing! The Asia drawing portal. Drawings from Asia, drawing by Asians. It's hot out, so crack open a cold drink, keep yourself inside and click through a great portal of art from the near and far east. Stay a while, and browse by category, by country, and revel in a large list of inspirations and resources. I've enjoyed reading about Sanjay Patel, the artist behind GheeHappy and Hindu mythology in cartoon form, an amazing array of CG artists from Thailand, the odd dichotomy of urban culture and ultra-slick anime from Korea, and puzzled over an array of meticulous resources like this Hair gallery (Japanese site).
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I enjoyed the soldier with a bursting oil wells as rank badges.
posted by furtive at 1:38 PM on July 7, 2007

I love that little book of Hindu Deities.

great stuff here--thanks! : >
posted by amberglow at 1:42 PM on July 7, 2007

Ok, why the hell does Foona Foona, the bunny-girl, distinctly remind me of a comic strip? I swear to god, I've seen her before. Maybe even a student newspaper.
posted by five fresh fish at 2:23 PM on July 7, 2007

some wonderful artists are featured on this site but the idea of grouping these artists by their ethnicity rather than their styles is rather beguiling. i'm not sure what one is to gain from this type of filter.
posted by cazoo at 2:49 PM on July 7, 2007

I don't know how that work counts as "Anime"
posted by delmoi at 5:21 PM on July 7, 2007

idea of grouping these artists by their ethnicity rather than their styles is rather beguiling

Beguiling? As in, alluring or misleading by pleasantness?
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gotta say i just prefer Roger Dean drawing Asia
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Well, I think it's cool that they've categorized Asian artists by country because it gives a chance for people to view examples of Asian art in a non-monolithic way without being forced to use the qualifier of "anime" (not to be snarky to the OP), which I see a lot when people try to describe stylized/comic/pop art from Asia. Sure some of it is reminescent of anime, but it's also nice to say, "Hey, here's some art from Thailand/Korea/China/Taiwan," without having to use something so broad as Asian or something way too country specific such as anime or manga.
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Oops and when I say "some" I mean comic-style art out generally out there, and not specifically examples from this set, which as delmoi points out aren't really "anime" to begin with.
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A lot of the work isn't anime, but some of the stuff from Korea certainly is. I'll try to word stuff like this more clearly in the future.
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