If you plan to see Douglas Coupland
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If you plan to see Douglas Coupland on his current book tour you might want to bone up on how to draw the Canadian flag. Since he was in Seattle tonight he also asked the audience for stock tips.
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He did a live chat on Friday that I missed, but it's archived.
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Toronto draws the Canadian flag.
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Wow, the Coupland site is all kids of fun to explore... I especially enjoy the kitchy flash animations and the collages. His comments about Boston are making me homesick for the cold northeast. Can anyone find a part of the site that lists his current tour schedule? has it ended already?
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Matt included the tour schedule a few weeks ago in a post. Yum, Tasos pizzas.
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Yeah, I saw Coupland when he was in New York a few weeks back and he made the audience write their 5 favorite movies on an index card (extra points for drawing the video box). I had never been to a reading of his, and I was quite surprised to see that he actually makes more pop culture references in person than he does in his books. Quite amazing.
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