Keeping Up With The Joneses
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Where Are The Joneses? is an interactive sitcom from Steve Coogan's production company. The action centres on Dawn Jones, who, on learning that she is the daughter of a sperm donor, sets out to find her twenty-seven siblings. You can watch episodes on YouTube, follow a Flickr photo-diary, and, inevitably, keep up via Dawn's Twitter account. Don't like the plot, characters or gags? Then rewrite the show on its wiki.
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Oops - the 'episodes on YouTube' link takes you to the first episode, I meant to point to them all.
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ABC News Primetime recently had a similar story:

The Name Behind the Number -- "Child of a Sperm Donor Starts a Web Site - Donor Sibling Registry - to Find His Secret Family." The segment is being rebroadcast tonight at 10:00 p.m./Eastern on ABC.
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Wow. This is very cool.
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Sperm donor? Shouldn’t they be the Cojoneses?
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Game. Set. Match. Smedleyman.
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You all really want to read David Plotz's The Genius Factory: The Curious History of the Nobel Prize Sperm Bank. One of the finest, strangest, most satisfying pieces of long-form journalism produced in years.
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There was also this recent 60 Minutes report on CBS: What Are Sperm Siblings? [video | 12:38]:"h year, thousands of babies are born with the help of anonymous sperm donors. Steve Kroft reports on how some families are connecting with half-siblings from the same man's sperm."
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*Each year*
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Second Smedleyman for Blue Pun of the Year.
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