A word from the future.
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A word from the future. "At the turn of the second millennium, humanity seemed set on a steady upward course. How did it all go wrong in just 200 years? This is a memo on the fall of homo sapiens, 2000-2200 CE, written for the crew of the third interstellar colonising mission, 2759 CE, by Anatol Lieven, as a record and a warning." Science-fiction? Dire warning? Anyway this is an enjoyable read.
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Isn't that supposed to be the third millenium?
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I suppose it is in the nature of powerful countries to view themselves as the crux of the way the world develops - to view the future as a place that will depend upon their influence and power and potential catastrophes to be as a result of their machinations or cultural excesses. I'd bring up the case of the European Empires at this point - the great colonial powers giving up power for a plethora of new countries. If anything, the Tiger economies will grow and develop in excess of the Western ones, and at a certain point escalate past both the US and Europe in terms of power and influence. Any potential large-scale world catastrope is likely to be completely unpredictable from our current position - although I personally am putting money on rogue Nanotech causing a planet of grey mush.
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Hmph. The only messages I ever get from the future are decidedly mango-oriented.
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Interesting blurb, but no reference is made to the upcoming energy shortage. If that were taken into account this would read altogether different. But what the hey! Good Si-fi anyhow.
You might want to check out a couple of URL's www.runningonempty.org and www.dieoff.com

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