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Who is Zack Kim anyway? Classical Guitarist? Nope. Composer for Film? Nah. How about viral marketeer! Almost all u-tube and the last one is really impressive. Many more where these came from.
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My last 2 FPPs were very quickly and summarily deleted, so I thoroughly searched MeFi this time. Please FSM, not another double!!!!
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Dude needs to get a chapman stick and be done with it.
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I know I've seen plenty of this guy, and he's really boring to me. I mean what is he doing that can't be done with a piano? I guess you get slightly more flexability in the way notes sound, but man, in my eyes it just makes all "guitar wankery" seem less interesting.
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Chapman stick, no shit.
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Indeed. Pitch bends, slides, etc. Much more inflection than a piano is capable of, with a wider variety of tones.
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Well, a guitar does sound different than a piano, but limiting yourself to a tapping technique does reduce the range of guitar sounds significantly. I think the addition of tapping technique like this is nice for a variation but I think the extreme shown here is perhaps not ideal.
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Uh, yeah guys. I'd just like to go on the record and say that the last video is fucking phenomenal. Thanks snsranch.
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