Jim Mitchell is dead. Long live Jim Mitchell!
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Had a daughter named Meta.
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"He was sitting in his chair and doing something, I think watching TV, and he just, 'Ehhhh.' That was it."

When read out of context, I know there's some kind of porn joke in this. But I'm not going to make it. 'Cuz I'm a classy lady & stuff.
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See ya, Bob.
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I saw an awesome Forensic Files on the Mitchell case. It was the first time forensic animation was used in an United States court. If it wasn't the U.S., than the state at least.
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I am so old I can remember paying for porn.
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Despite never having seen any of their movies, and living some 6000 miles away from them, I seem to know quite a lot about the Mitchell Brothers.

David McCumber's book, X-Rated, is a fantastic account of the Mitchell Brothers story and their place in the history of the porn industry. Also wonderful was Legs McNeill and Jennifer Osborne's book, 'The other Hollywood: an oral history of the porn industry'. I've never read his history of New York Punk, but it's hard to imagine that it could be a better or more interesting book than this one.

When you hear the talent speaking about them, you're left without a doubt that the Mitchell Brothers were the good guys. They paid top dollar, weren't exploitative, weren't mobbed up -- they were just a couple of hippies, trying to have fun and make a buck.

The way it all turned out for them was a real tragedy.
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It's obvious that Jim did not mean to kill Artie.
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