One million credit card numbers stolen! News at 11!
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One million credit card numbers stolen! News at 11! The FBI has gone public with a rather dry account of a huge organized attack on ecommerce sites, exploiting security flaws in NT which Microsoft fixed and offered patches for nearly two years ago.
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Funny story about this. A couple months ago I was at the body shop about to pick up my car and I gave them my credit card and it was declined! Now this sucked because before I went to to the shop I checked to see if I had enough funds so my ride just dropped me off. After trying a few more times I had to call the credit card company who told me it had been blocked (that morning!) because they were warned about a security breach from Thanks Egghead for almost stranding me! (That will be my Epinions review's title if I ever make one.)

Before that everytime I heard about credit cards being stolen my thought was always who cares? If someone charges to my credit I'm not responsible, though it would be a hassle. Now I'm more careful. =\
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Same thing happened to me. Uncannily, almost the exact same thing. I went to clutch mart to pick up my truck, and my card was declined. I write a check, then when I get home there's a message from my credit union saying they urgently need to speak with me. I call, and they tell me that they cancelled my card because egghead reported it as having been stolen from their site (that I stopped using back when it was - I did grab a nice set of speakers from them for dirt cheap, and that was worth almost any future hassle).
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On a side note - it's real fun trying to convince someone to take a check once your credit card's been refused. We actually called my credit union and verified that the money was there. I was nearly taking a cab back home (which I couldn't have paid for either).
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I forgot to mention how I got home. The credit card company let that one transaction go through, told me to cut up my old one, and then they FedEx'd me a new a one.
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