The E.C. Waters, Wreck of the Yellowstone
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In October of that year, Waters was told to leave, "having rendered himself obnoxious," the superintendent said.

That was 1907. Today this is known as being banhammered.
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The lone and level, uh, water, stretches far away.
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"He began by attempting to get me to go in with him in a scheme of mining coal in the park limits."

Funny how some ideas keep coming back!
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Well, he probably shouldn't have started by naming the boat after himself. We mock, quite rightly and necessarily, modern marketing but seriously somebody might have said: "Chief, we can't name it the "E.C. Waters", that makes it "about you", ya gotta tell people what's in it for them, name it after some natural feature in the park or something outdoorsy or like "The Spirit of Yellowstone", something. Of course he might also have started by not looking to exploit Yellowstone Park too...
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fascinating, thanks!
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Great post, I will think of this on the next visit to Yellowstone.
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