Take one a day and call me in the morning
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365 Portraits, 365 audio pieces, 365 speculative fiction pieces, 365 plays. All because one a day is good for the soul.
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Also, from Metafilter's own interrobang, A Year in Comics.
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I did something like that once. I wrote one poem a day on a typewriter for a year and a day (I started and ended on my birthday). I did this in the ground-floor display window of a youth culture center in downtown Reykjavík, Iceland. It was fun and great training. When I was done there was an exhibition in the culture center and then another one in the main branch of the municipal library in Reykjavík. Didn't miss a day. This was in 2002-3.
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Also, a friend of mine is posting a picture a day for 2007. (He's a little behind, since he's been without internet, but has at least been taking the photos.)
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365 urban species was my favourite year-long project last year.

I now get my fix via the urban nature lj community.
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I'm painting a picture every day - good for the soul as well

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