Like the Archers, but with more dragons.
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Claybourne was a unique and well produced radio drama set in New Zealand. It was science fiction, a thriller, a soap opera. It aired in 96 five minute episodes, but died mid-storyline when it's creative team- like so many creative teams- couldn't get it together.
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(thinks to self: wow - long time up with no comments.)

(looks at links)

(can't think of anything worthwhile to say)

(continues on with day)
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Well jmccw, what can I say. I had my eye on this post for a while. It was a definite contender for the Warnock Award. That was until you came swanning in and tossed out your casual, flippant comment. Do you have the faintest idea just how hard it is to get a post to slip off the front page without it receiving a comment? Do you know when the last post was made to MetaFilter that didn't get any comments? You don't know do you? Well I do. It was February 4, 2006. It was this post. Do you see what that post was about? Yes, it was about an Antipodean radio show. Crikey! I can hear you saying, 'just like this post'. That post doesn't have any comments though and this one does. A union destroyed by a careless comment. A fluky, coincidental accident, a thing of beauty destroyed by an unthinking act. All I can say to you jmccw is that I hope you have learned something from this unfortunate incident, this ugly, ugly blight and will in the future try and be more aware, caring and considerate as you continue on with your day.
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Needs badgers.
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That's more like it.
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tellurian has chastened me...

i will enter in to a period of intensive self-examination
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My work here is done.
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