The Language of Farting
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"Farts can create these moments rich with insight."

All this time I was giving the credit to meditation.
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Farting Preacher
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Ben Franklin had quite a lot to say on the issue.
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According to the illustrious professor, farts are historically contingent. So does that mean that they are also socially constructed?
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Fart Filter?
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"According to the illustrious professor, farts are historically contingent. So does that mean that they are also socially constructed?"
You are over thinking the result of your plate of beans.
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Metafilter: the language of farting.
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Valerie Allen, associate professor of literature at City University of New York's John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Wait, what?!
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Sometimes they quack like a duck and other times they bark like an angry dog.
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My arse can say "PANTS"
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Anyone else thinking of the poor old Tersurans?
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oh dear god did that farting preacher make me laugh.
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"Rowland le Sarcere held one hundred and ten Acres of
Land in Hemingston in the County of Suffolk, by Serjeanty; for which, on Christmas Day, every Year, before
our Sovereign Lord the King of England, he should perform, altogether, and once, a Leap, a Puff, and a Fart"

...where this whistling nonsense comes from I've no idea.
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Decadent royalty employed court farters. George III’s pet name for Carl Rove is Turd Blossom and Evan Goldstein is a neo-con apologist.
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My kids have been laughing at their own farts and burps since they became aware of 'em as infants. No need to overthink it; making an unexpected noise that isn't even expected by the person making it is funny.
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You know who else spoke the language of farting?
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I love farts but not smelling them.

davejay: kids and farts are the best! It took a few years for my kids to figure out that my Saturday morning bleets were actually mine and not the dog's or cat's. The kids, sadly, rarely fart. When they do it's usually when we have adult company over.

Burp post anyone?
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We have a pup occasionally farts and then looks at her back end, startled and suspicious.

My wife has threatened to add beano to my food, but worries about he consequences of removing my sole remaining pleasure.
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Jesus Farting Christ, I cannot type.
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I've had a long-standing contest with a friend of mine, as we each believe ourselves to hold the championship for foulest flatulence. Unfortunately, she, being rather more conscientious than I, has yet failed to produce evidence of her superiority in my presence. I remain the de facto champion of vileness, and of this, I am proud.
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Attention... Tonight's supper will be baked beans. Musical program to follow.
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The Merck Manual entry on flatulence. Don't miss the sidebar three quarters of the way down - it's a bit strange.
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“A while after, we were commanded, in the king’s name, not to receive for three hours any man or woman of the country on board our ships; some having stolen from him a rousing fart....”
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Wait, what?!

John Jay is a college in CUNY that specializes in criminal justice stuff. AFAIK, they only have majors in various criminal justice and public administration areas, but they have a fairly big set of academic support departments in other areas too.

I interviewed there a while back.
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Furthermore, farts are an occasion for self-examination, for questioning the extent of our freedom and the nature of self-mastery.

I think I'll let one go in a crowded elevator at work and see what kind of enlightened dialogue this will inspire.

Roland's act consisted of a dance that culminated with his trademark forte: a synchronized jump, whistle, and fart. . . .Roland was so valued as an entertainer that the king rewarded his impressive feat of dexterity with a plot of land.

I wonder if there are any co-op boards that'll take this act. Hell, for a pre-war two-bedroom in Jackson Heights, I could live with being known as "Jason The Farter."
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Drew Carey's "enhanced" safety video. I couldn't find a clip with just the video, so it starts at 5:50.
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"Ben Franklin had quite a lot to say on the issue."

So did Mark Twain.
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Bernie suffered years of gastric distress
An epic struggle of gasses repressed
But a rumble in his drawers
Brought peals of applaurs
As he produced a James Joyce-like extended sentence, longer than one would initially have expected, consisting of a carefully composed, grammatically ingenious series of ecstatic groans, dramatic bellows, thunderclaps, and high whistles, all emerging with great rattling force from his fundament, as though some brilliant beast had crawled in there and, in a series of shouts and gibbers, was attempting to produce an astounding masterwork of beastly literature, with its own distinctive sentence structure, meter, idioms, and sly jokes; such was the noises his behind made that all around him stopped in place, flabbergasted, responding as though a symphony or circus had spontaneously broken out, with cries of joy and glad clappings of the hands, and each and every man, woman and child who was witness to the singular event found themselves struck by the singular majesty of it -- some of them weeping from astonishment, some taking cautious notes with the intention of writing a newspaper article on the subject, or a medical monograph, or a letter abroad, to the peoples of the entire world, who should be informed of the thing that had happened, and every single one of them, would respond as these witnesses did, and they were, to their core, impressed.
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This article overthinks a plate of flatulence-creating beans.
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Sometimes when I'm whistling thru my ballonknot, i get chocolatey surprises.
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He called it... the Aristocrats!
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