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These days, you don't have to be rich to have all the right stuff, at least for the night. Going deep or flying high, these days you don't have to be rich, to pretend. Just a good credit card, and no thought for the future.
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Good post. I have to say, though, I doubt they could have picked two worse photos of the proprietor of the Villa rental service.
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After the recent threadfight on if a designer bag was worth the price, hearing about the bag rental place made me think of all the rental stuff we can get these days.

The other day, I was talking to someone who'd bought a really nice yacht on credit, with the plan of living aboard when it wasn't in use as a luxury rental.

I found it odd that there wasn't a picture of a villa on their front page, or at least not until way below the fold...just ugly pictures of the founder shmoozing it up.
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I've gotta say, those winged submersibles look pretty darn cool. I really love the concept.
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Wacky inflatable arm flailing tubeman!
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nomisxid: I know a guy who owns two planes, one an ex-regional airliner, and the other a Learjet. He bought the first because they rent well, and it does spend most of its time in the air, paying for itself and the Lear, leaving it for his use pretty much whenever he desires.

Occasionally, as a bonus, someone else rents the Lear.

He once told me how he's owned planes for around 30 years and over the years has made a net profit from them all, as they essentially always appreciate in value. This is because new ones are exponentially more expensive thanks to increased liability concerns driving manufacturers (especially of light planes) out of the business.

He used to not rent them, except in theory, and then only for tax purposes.

It's amazing what you can do if you can get a bank to loan you a couple of million dollars (or already have it).

Unfortunately, I'm way too comfortable in being lazy to get to the point where a bank would give me that kind of money.
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The latest fad among the super rich is, apparently, submarines. When a yacht just won't do - see what you get for $80 million, give or take.
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We live in a country with an $8 trillion debt, in which the average household is $100,000 in debt (i heard).

Maybe it's time we quit pretending. Seen the dollar lately?
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I don't know, I never thought that Bag, Borrow or Steal was that great. The higher-end bags on there are luscious, but to the tune of $80-100/week (or $300/month), I'd rather just save up and buy one that I really liked. If I had that much money to dispense on swapping out my handbags each week, which I naturally don't.
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