Old guard Maverick off to happy hunting ground
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Great-granddaughter of Samuel A. Maverick Lillian Maverick Padgitt, past president of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas Alamo Mission Chapter and lively, much-beloved character.
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Total lack of context Obitfilter?
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Sentence fragment alert.
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... is dead.
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Maverick is such a useful word, it's surprising it took until 1850 to appear.
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But she's much-beloved!
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Note: You read the guidelines, right? Because linking to your own site or a project you worked on in this space will result in a deletion and your account will be banned.
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Ahum, sorry y'all, had noticed the guidelines after some initial goofups then Matt wrote something a couple weeks back which I evidently incorrectly inferred to mean that though it was definitely a touchy subject (frankly it took Grama's death to even attempt another post at MeFi), that there were exceptions - i guess he meant on the projects page, which keeps rejecting every attempt I make to link ... I can't tell you, it'd be a violation! Good grief, my apologies to those offended and well done Sherlock Holmes!
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priyatam, I served with Sherlock Holmes. I knew Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock Holmes was a friend of mine.

Douchebag, I'm no Sherlock Holmes.
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