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Rose and Camellia. Flash Friday. It's in Japanese, so I don't know which girl is Rose and which is Camellia. But I do know this -- they resolve their problems by slapping each other. Instructions are in Japanese as well, but it's pretty simple: Click "attack" and run your mouse over your opponent's face to slap, click "evasion" and run your mouse over yourself to dodge a slap.
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I'm in love with the one on the left. A red-haired girl who's taller than me with nice breasts and who slaps me? Oh yeah.
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That second chick has a wicked slap. I only got whacked two or three times and I was done. Fun game.
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The trick to this game is the countering system.

Basic strategy:
When it is your 'turn' to attack, don't worry so much about getting both attack opportunities in, but take your time and go for the critical hit (occurs when getting a near-perfect motion)

When it is the CPU's turn to attack, evade once as quickly as you can *without screwing up the evade* If you screw it up you'll probably get slapped on both of the CPU's opportunity.

If you've dodged successfully, the 'Counter' icon will show up. Immediately click it and swat the CPU's face - this is not a time for finesse, just whatever motion gets the hit trigger. Why? Because if you mess up your counter you get smacked, but if you successfully dodge and counter the CPU will never touch you.

The step-mother (4th character) is a bitch.
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"It's in Japane-"

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Man, slapping chicks is fun!
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I got battered by the second girl. Boy did I get battered.
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The step-mother (4th character) is a bitch.

Yeah, I know. Oh god, do I know.
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> "It's in Japane-"
> Yeah, well, they pretty much did that one to themselves.

Love all (well, most) things Japanese, but... Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose. Better, imho, to start the day with. No tentacles, no sex, no slaps. Japanese lanterns.
I hear I'm no longer supposed to say imho. Or best.painting.title.evar.
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Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose.
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Oh, tremendous. A friend was telling me about playing this, but never told me what he was playing. Thanks for posting it!
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I'll never forgive Nintendo for inspiring this spate of "precise-mouse-motion" games on the web. SORRY IT IS NOT A DS/STYLUS. Though I imagine these sorts of games would be fun to play on a Wacom tablet.
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Why you are slapping each other:

'Reiko married Shunsuke, the oldest son of the noble ?Tsubaki-Kouji? house. The very next day, her husband drew his last breath. As the Tsubaki-Koujis continue to bully Reiko, the commoners' blood within her flares up. Wearing the rose Shunsuke gave to her on her chest, Reiko declares war with the Tsubaki-Koujis. "As the bride of the eldest son, I declare ownership of the Tsubaki-Kouji house!" This, then, is the magnificent fight between the women.

Shunsuke offered me a single rose and softly drew his last breath. Since then, the Tsubaki-Koujis' treatment of me has ?been awful?. Has Shunsuke been hiding from me all along how hideous his family is? But I will not be defeated. I will be strong as long as I have Shunsuke's rose.

?Sara? : How dare you look at me that way? Even if you have married into the Tsubaki-Kouji family, you are still a mannerless, low-class woman!

Reiko: I'm no longer who I used to be. I am Reiko, wife of Tsubaki-Kouji Shunsuke. I will inherit the house! And as for low-class women, the more you hit them, the stronger they are.

(and then they fight. Sara is Shunsuke's younger sister, with the red-brown hair; Reiko is the one with the dark hair. That's you.)
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I made it to the fourth woman, who is apparently a professional.
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If you guys are complaining about the 4th woman, then you haven't made it to the boss, a monster who punches with ringed fingers, and how can tuck her head into her neck. Nasty.
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