Errol Morris, talking pictures.
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Errol Morris, documentary filmmaker, talking pictures in the N.Y.Times. The comments are not bad either. (previously)
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Christian Boltanski adresses some of these questions.
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Sorta reminds me of John Berger's Ways of Seeing. Do the kids still read that in college?
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Do the kids still read that in college?

I was forced to watch the series of the same name on VHS. Does that count?
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I don't think so, not if you were 'forced.'
I never saw the 'video' but remember it as being a pretty great read.
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Hi I'm Errol Morris and I could overthink a plate of beans. See the second comment at the article for a more intellectual statement of that fact.
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truth, properly considered, is about the relationship between language and the world

my humble opinion is that this perspective is too rarely considered
for more on the illusion of truth, see Nietszche's theory of truth and language in an early, unpublished essay.
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That Boltanski link was pretty sweet, the video.
And the Nietszche, though do yourself a favor and click on the 'in the original German' button, the translation isn't the best.

Thinking about it some more, and it's similarities to Barthes' Camera Lucida (a seriously rocking book), I found this pretty excellent essay (warning, pdf).

And the for further reading, slightly less dense but still pretty rewarding if you're wiling to do the work, there was this.
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