What Would Buddha Do about road rage?
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What Would Buddha Do about road rage?
posted by sudama (8 comments total)
posted by sudama at 11:42 PM on March 9, 2001

This was far too condescending for my taste. I am interested in Buddhism, but I have yet to find a satisfying teacher. Those proverbs, though, are beautiful.
posted by johnnyace at 1:34 AM on March 10, 2001

Well, considering there are a lot of people who would kill the Buddha if they met him on the road, I'd hope he's packing heat.
posted by kindall at 1:50 AM on March 10, 2001

What would Buddha say about posting comments to blogs or to blogging? Walking meditation: I'm walking the floor over you (Hank Williams).
posted by Postroad at 3:56 AM on March 10, 2001

That's what Brian Boitano'd do!
posted by crunchland at 5:09 AM on March 10, 2001

Damn you, kindall. I wanted to say that.
posted by rodii at 8:34 AM on March 10, 2001

Hey Buddha! Get the F@%K out of the way !
posted by a3matrix at 4:12 PM on March 10, 2001

Sorry, rodii. You need to sleep less. ;)
posted by kindall at 10:42 PM on March 12, 2001

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