The Buckminster Fuller Institute Challenge
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The Buckminster Fuller Institute is now accepting submissions for it's new, annual design challenge contest. Submissions must be applicable with real-world technology, solving real-world problems with a minimum of ecological impact. The offered prize is $100,000, on par with some of NASA's challenges. ( Buckminster Fuller on Wikipedia, and E2 )
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We used to have fun making climbable geodomes from his design out of 6' sapling poles and lashings. Awesome stuff.
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Ahh, bucky. My friends and I were just in Montreal for La Fete National a few weeks ago, and we went to the big Bucky museum in the giant bucky-ball dome. We were some of the only people there, which sucks considering how cool the museum is, but we also got essentially a personal tour of everything. I didn't know anything about Fuller until then, and now I'm fascinated by him.
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First. Annual. Hello, geniuses?
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The octet truss as art.
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This is such a timely competition. We need to fuse the energy of the DIY "design" moment with urgent need to do something ecological. We should all be little Buckys, they should teach his credo in elementary schools:
In the words of Buckminster Fuller, Design Science is "effective application of the principles of science to the conscious design of our total environment in order to help make the Earth's finite resources meet the needs of all humanity without disrupting the ecological processes of the planet.".
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for it's new

Loq, dude. Shame.
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Apostrophe abuse is a sin I'm known for. Sorry.
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I just wanted to say that the Dymaxion Sky-World Map is a thing of beauty, and my super most favourite projection method.

Please buy one now, and share the good news with your friends and family (I bought three).

Every time they use the clearly inferior Mercator projection on the TV, Buckminster rolls in his grave.
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I'm with you , Meatbomb. My mind was blown the first time I saw Bucky's projection.
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