Peter Stafford, RIP
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Peter Stafford, psychedelics investigator and author of the Psychedelics Encyclopedia (PDF preview), has died. [Via BB.]
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Right after Tammy Faye Bakker/Messner? That's a hell of a sense of humour.
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Here's a recent article about Owsley: For the unrepentant patriarch of LSD, long, strange trip winds back to Bay Area
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It would appear, however, that LSD is successful in homosexual problems because it can reveal early traumas which underlie the condition.

I respect his exploration into LSD and psychedelics, but his book on LSD (co-written by Bonnie Golightly a.k.a. Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany's), was ineffectually weak on the subject. No empirical evidence, but anecdotes that fueled the misconception that LSD was such a powerful drug it could change the essence of your character.
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purple micro .
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Good point, geoff. A lot of the early work was pretty sloppy. And that part, yeesh... But the new research that's being done is much more professional.
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Phew. I saw Pope Guilty's post and thought he meant Messner!
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er, Messner.
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Arrgh: Link to has died says absolutely nothing about how he died. Is this helpful?
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Is there a good reason why our current times aren't producing people as interesting as this? Other than the inadequate supplies of LSD?
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It may be selection bias, but I do think that the experience of doing LSD does often change people. Most people I know who have done it seem more intellectually curious and adventurous and more willing to believe that things aren't what they may seem at first.

By now, I don't know the kind of person I'd have been had I not done it, but it certainly FELT like a life changing experience.
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LSD, The Problem Solving Psychedelic is a great book, albeit perhaps a little bit dated.

Thanks, homunculus for this post and the link to the Owsley article as well.
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Trippy Animation Raises Questions
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I met this guy at a talk he gave (unofficially) at a dorm lounge at my college about 7 years ago. He was on far too much speed to make any sense at all, and spent the night on a friend's floor. He left a visible sweat stain on the carpet.

I don't know much about his previous work, but he definitely became a bit of a crank in his later years. It's really a shame that the champions of research into psychedelics and consciousness get pushed into the underground, where they are much more likely to get caught up in addictions and become exactly the sort of caricature that makes them easy to discredit.

Sorry to hear that he's gone.
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They don't come in threes.
They don't come in threes.
They don't come in threes.
I keep telling myself.
They don't come in threes...
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