Robotic Insect Takes Off
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Miniature Robotic Insect Takes Off Researchers have created a miniature robotic fly that weighs just 60 milligrams and has a wingspan of three centimeters for covert surveillance. Thats progress!
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this article is going to be copied and pasted to every alt.paranoia newsgroup in the universe.

still, it is pretty cool. something about the design reminds me vaguely of muscle fiber. expansion and contraction and all that. It'll get really interesting when we're able to make larger robots like that.
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The robot's small size and fly-like appearance are critical to such missions. "You probably wouldn't notice a fly in the room, but you certainly would notice a hawk," Wood says.

Not if the hawk was really sneaky.
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Toner wars.
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My uncle's ex-stepdaughter's husband is on this research team. No, really.
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The real problem will be the power source. It's going to need to be chemical.

I think we're much more likely to see genetically modified insects then robot ones do these kinds of tasks.
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The researchers must still design a control system for the robot

Quite an achievement, but they are still far away from being able to buzz a fake fly into a room to collect data unnoticed.

It would also suck to have your expensive secret surveillance device defeated by a flyswatter.
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You want paranoid? Swap out the camera for a tiny syrette of Botulinum.
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That's really neat. It reminded me of some researchers I heard about who were observing how insects navigate in order to apply it to UAVs. That was how I added AI to my list of things I want to study in college.
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Sayonara Ceiling Cat.
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Chemical detectors my left butt cheek. It's like they want me to kill every insect I see.

Ooo, but it's cool the description about how the manufactured it out of laser cut sheets of carbon fiber.
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If you spray it with Raid and it doesn't die, be very, very careful.
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It doesn't fly, it needs an armature to hold it in place, whereupon it can exert a force in excess of its "weight" - and even then, only because the powersource is not included in the weight.

This robot insect, in contrast not only flies without an armature, it flies while carrying its power supply, and not only that, but it is stable enough that it can be steered while flying and go where you want, and not only that, it's yours for only $50 at the local toystore.

Now, you could wait 20 years until the fly-sized thing is at a working stage and you can use it to spy on people, or you say "to hell with spying on people, it's more FUN to make them SHIT THEIR PANTS! And do it TODAY" in which case, you choice of hardware is clear :-)
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Hmmm. Does it have haptic feedback, like in this book?
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I think we're much more likely to see genetically modified insects then robot ones do these kinds of tasks.

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Also, the article is wrong -- the current version of the fly uses a piezo actuator, not electroactive polymers.
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This thing sucks. I agree the Dragonfly is awesome -
these guys have even more hardcore AV copters - stuff you can mount an HD camcorder in. A bit more than $50 though...
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