Meet Toronto's newest temple
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A few weeks ago, the first traditional Vedic temple (or mandir) opened in Europe. Yesterday the first of its kind was inaugrated in Canada. Something of an architectural marvel, each piece of the temple was made in India, the stones all being interlocking and load-bearing, thereby eliminating the need for nails or steel supports. In fact, it's put together entirely using ancient techniques.
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More photos here and here.

I've driven past it and been awed. Definitely worth having a look at if you live in the area. This is the second of two amazing temples on the site in the last four years, the other being constructed in the Haveli manner as well. The organization responsible for the temples is BAPS BTW.
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So they look upon the Amish as decadent technophiles?
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Very cool.
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First link in the post.
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My dad and I, one summer? We built a veranda? And we didn't use any tools.
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A few years more like, the one in London has been open since 1995...
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Very cool. Thanks, stinkycheese.
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We've been putting off a visit to Toronto for some time now but I think this may finally be the reason that tips the scales. It's gorgeous.
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