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The poems of Dafydd ap Gwilym A project at Swansea University puts the works of one of mediaeval (14th century) Europe's literary giants on line in full, including a full concordance, digitalised manuscripts, English translations and recorded readings. Dafydd was a great poet of love, lust and nature and a master of strict form. His work was also hilariously funny.
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The translations aim at accuracy rather than poetry, but you get a flavour of the man. If you want rather more than a flavour, don't miss his poem in praise of the penis. But he's so much more than just a saucy jokester.
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MetaFilter: a trouserful of wantonness.
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poem in praise of the penis

Well, he was the only gay in the village. Thanks, Abiezer!
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Well, he was the only gay in the village.

But(t), of course -- when I saw the name 'Dafydd' I, too, first thought of Dafydd Thomas -- and of him alone!

'The Only Gay in the Village' -- 1, 2, 3.
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The modern spelling is just "medieval", even in England.
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That dick poem (I mean praise of the penis) makes my personal favorites of all time.
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stbalbach: can you guess the modern spelling of pysse offe? :p
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I read the funny one out loud to myself and it IS really funny. He has fantastic timing, the falling down made me laugh.
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Many thanks for these links Abiezer; I’ve been hoping to find more English translations of Dafydd's poems since first reading The Rattle Bag in the anthology to which it lent its name.
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This is great fun.
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Abiezer, I was really addressing it to those who give a shit not you personally.
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