Global warming hasn't gotten us yet. Inspiration.
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"This site brings together just a few of the hundreds and hundreds of new species discovered since the year 2000. Hopefully, it will inspire us to see the world as a place still being explored, and give us the courage to conserve and protect the fragile, shrinking areas of habitat left on Earth... areas which, as we see here, contain creatures we haven't even yet Imagined... " That, of course, makes living in a low impact woodland home even more appealing or scary (you choose). Although I will admit that even the best of intentions can lead to perile, as in the case of Timothy Treadwell (as previously discussed). He too wanted to be 'one with nature'.
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Holy jesus, a new genus of TRUFFLES?!? When can I eat them? Good lord, they're related to Amanita muscaria, everyone's favourite red-and-white mushroom of Mario and Alice in Wonderland fame, too. DO WANT.
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That's a cool blog, and the little hobbit house is neat. I wonder how it will hold up.
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The link between new species and Timothy Treadwell is pretty tenuous, not to mention editorial. New specieses is cool, though.
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DU - Specieses? Actually, I meant for the connection to be in living a different lifestyle closer to nature (as that of the woodland home) and Timothy Treadwell trying to live in nature with the bears. Weak, maybe so, but the first thing that came to mind.
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Yeah, while the topic of the human/nature "ecotone" is definitely FPP-worthy, it's not relevant to this post.

Meanwhile, pygmy hogs! Just what I always wanted, my own little pygmy hog. . . . I will name him George, and I will hug him and pet him and squeeze him.
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Sorry, speciii.
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Goddamn, orchids are so badass.
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I am fairly certain the first link is double, but the others are new.
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That's a cool blog, and the little hobbit house is neat. I wonder how it will hold up.

Looks like a good niche - I haven't seen any other blogs tackling the animal front. Not that I'm a big fan of animals.
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Yeah, I'm not really seeing the new species + low impact = timothy treadwell connection either. He was studying bears and sleeping in a tent. A Kodiak grizzly bear is pretty damn conspicuious.
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Ok, ok guys....way off I suppose. I can't help that my mind makes rabid connections. I suppose I can help what I deem 'makes sense enough' to share though. Working on it.

{Crosses arms...temporary pouting.}

Moving on to find more odd articles/websites in which I can tenuously link as one in hopes of a good thread....

{Stomps away, arms still crossed}
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Oh hush. It's your first post. Nothing to get in a fuss about. If it makes you feel better, my 1st was deleted.

There there.
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Have a pygmy hog; you'll feel much better.
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Totally not bummed.

Thanks for the hog.
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Don't get super bummed - while the whole is less than the sum of the parts here, the parts are sweet. Also, the photo of the MegaSquid is amazing.
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Oooh! Megacalamari with some pygmy ham and a side of those amanita truffles, please.
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I choose scary.
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The number of rorqual whale species swimming in the world’s oceans has jumped to eight from six, according to new research by a team of Japanese scientists . . .

Well I'll be. Maybe they weren't lying about the whales taken for "scientific research". Huh.
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