Won't somebody PLEASE think of the children?
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Bored on your summer vacation? Well, the US government has lots of fun stuff for kids to do on line. Learn fascinating facts about cows (and agricultural marketing!) from the Department of Agriculture. Take a ride to Money Central Station with the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. If you live in a federally-funded housing project, HUD wants you to learn more about being a good citizen. Want something more action-packed? Help FBI Special Agent Bobby Bureau go undercover, or become one of America's Crypto-Kids at the NSA. Play thrilling puzzle games or visit the world's most secret museum at the CIA. Play more games or become a Disaster Action Kid at FEMA! And no list of government kids' pages would be complete without revisiting the children's art contest from the ATF, which I've linked to before...
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Oh, yeah, and the US Coast Guard has made a half-hearted attempt at making coloring books available. "You know, for the kids."
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Great, now when my nephews show up in August, I can have them look at this stuff while I go have a beer or three.
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Your foster mother's a cow.
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What would constitute full hearted? Anyway, the helicopter is kind of cool. And much of that stuff about cows I did not know. And that line about 'money, there's nothing like the real thing' sounds like a good take off point in getting your spawn to discuss and think about what money really is.

I say cut them some slack. Given what else is pushed onto kids these days, and given what else is done with taxpayers' money, most of this is pretty benign, even interesting.
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Chiming back in to say that I love this post, dersins, despite my flippancy earlier. Charlie, the Catfish Submarine, is my favorite, I think, but all the links are pretty sweet.

But, that said, unfortunately.....your foster mother's still a cow. :)
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