Cubicle therapy, anyone?
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"Each day brings new, stressful situations we must deal with in our business lives and our personal lives [sic]" - and let us not forget the bullying. That said, you may either breathe diaphragmatically, enter a deathmatch with your monitor (only applicable for "Computer Rage"), fantasize about starting the countdown on the the edifice/entity of your choice, or simply do yourself in (but for heavens sake, do the job correctly).
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100& safe? I don't think hitting a flat panel with ANYTHING (yes even a foam axe as the handle is still plastic) is a good idea. Especially because you're most likely going to be doing this at work, and chances are, you don't use your personal machine in the office. You crack a LCD, you now own a 10 lb. paperweight/art piece. The panic button on the other hand, meh, I'd fool with it for awhile....
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i don't know, that foam axe thing looks pretty outstanding.
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I'd love to have the panic button for those moments when a client is armchair designing over my shoulder. "Screw it! I'm blowing your design up!"
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"i don't know, that foam axe thing looks pretty outstanding."

Oh, I'm not arguing against its cool novelty factor, I'm just thinking of the reaction from Management/IT when they hear "realistic breaking sounds" and see you whacking away with a object. Also, like many Wiinjuries, since you're doing this because your pissed, you may end up doing it too hard and hitting the screen with the handle. Still, I guess you could just sue the company who makes it. 100% safe, my ass!
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Debaser: I'm thinking that the reaction from Management/IT is exactly why I'd buy that product.
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jeez debaser, way to be a debbie downer.
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