The Best Game I've Ever Seen
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Sports Illustrated's website is running a feature where all of their regular columnists, for all the sports the site covers, writes an essay on "The Best Game I've Ever Seen." Some fine examples of modern sports writing.
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This one's great: More than once I begged my Maker for lithium.
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I'm with Arash Markazi.
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They were huddled around a grimy poker table in Brian's mother's basement. Tostitos to the right, cheesy poofs to the left, surrounded by hundreds of empty Mountain Dew cans. It started. 17! 19, bitch, feel the pain! 1, god dammit! 20, MOTHERFUCKERS!@#$!@#$ Nice roll! Thanks! It was almost a critical! Then, Brian's mom came in and asked us to stop playing Bingo. We weren't. Stupid bitch. She even saw the table.
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I was at this game; the '78 Nebraska/Oklahoma game. My job was to stand near the goal post with a couple other security guards and protect them.

Yeah ... that worked out real well.
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Can't wait to read this, thanks Slap*Happy.
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I agree with Boise State-Oklahoma as well. And I was on the losing side of that game. Not sure I'll ever see a better one, though.
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