Rubber Souled - Bill Cosby Sings The Beatles
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The author of the excellent (and previously mentioned) 60s/70s soul music blog Funky 16 Corners has put together an awesome compilation album available for free download, called Rubber Souled, featuring soul covers of Beatles classics; the results are intriguing, from Stevie Wonder's funked out version of We Can Work It Out to a nightmare inducing Bill Cosby cover of Sgt Peppers.
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Wow. Thank you. But I am concerned about that Bill Cosby track.
posted by kingfisher, his musclebound cat at 8:25 PM on July 25, 2007

What?!?!?! No Al Green version of "I Wanna Hold Your Hand?"
posted by sourwookie at 8:27 PM on July 25, 2007

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Read the liner notes, sourwookie - this is just "part 1", part 2 is coming soon, and the tracks are being suggested in the comment section of the post.
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Man, this is great so far.
posted by cortex at 8:31 PM on July 25, 2007

Motown Meets The Beatles is an excellent album comprising very funky covers of Beatles songs.
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Wow, excellent mix. Thanks again jonson!
posted by piratebowling at 10:21 PM on July 25, 2007

Thanks--I'm looking forward to listening to this. Even (especially?) the Cosby track.
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cool album - though bill cosby is scary
posted by Flood at 10:38 PM on July 25, 2007

I quite like that Bill Cosby version.

Does this make me a bad person?
posted by slixtream at 12:23 AM on July 26, 2007

I just listened to the Bill Cosby recording.

I realized that, until now, most all music I've listened to has made use of the comma (,), the question mark(?), and the ellipsis (...). Bill Cosby makes uses of the full stop (.). It's not good:

"It was twenty years ago today.

Sergeant Pepper taught the band to play.

They've been going in and out of style.

They're guaranteed to raise a smile."
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Still better than Joe Cocker though. I recently heard for the first time his "She Came in Through the Bathroom Window" and there was just no reason for that.
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If you like the Beatles, you owe it to yourself to check out Cracked Pepper, a truly amazing mashup of the Sgt. Pepper album.

It's very well done...these guys are good.
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CHEERS! Just the thing for a shitty, rainy Thursday morning in my fucking uptight office.

*eadphones securely attached, head bobbing, chuckdarwin commences to listen*

Um, some of these covers are fucking awesome.

\m/ \m/
posted by chuckdarwin at 1:56 AM on July 26, 2007

For more in this line, you may want to check out the Supremes' A Bit of Liverpool.
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Funky 16 Corners is a fabulous resource: there's lots of great stuff there. This feature on guitarist Dennis Coffey, for example (he's the wah-wah genius on guitar for some of the great Temptations "psychedelic soul" classics, for example) is definitely worth checking out.
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On one of MOJO magazine's compilations a couple of years ago, the focused on Beatles' covers. There's a cover of Wilson Pickett doing "Hey Jude" that devolves into his own brand of the wailing at the end of the song. Great post.
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I will never hate on Cosby rocking out because I was part of a Mefi Mix CD exchange where someone sent me a CD with Cosby and Quincy Jones doing a song called "Hicky Burr" (or something like that) and it is freaking awesome. Just a completely kick-ass song.

Hicky Burr!

Hicky Burr Burr!


I have this downloading now and will listen to it at work today if it finishes before I get out of the shower. Thanks.
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I can't link to it since I'm at work, but I am assuming that this guy got the inspiration for his blog from the great Funky 16 Corners compilation album that's on emusic and Amazon.
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Funky 16 Corners is great. As are;

Ear Fuzz
Captain's Crate
Soul Sides
Office Naps

and (self-link);

Five Bucks On By-Tor
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Motown Meets The Beatles

The Beatles did covers of "You Really Got a Hold on Me," "Money (That's What I Want)," and "Please Mr. Postman" on With the Beatles. (More about their early covers.)

George Benson, The Other Side of Abbey Road.
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Wait, they called it what?

That album is a must-have btw, although I'll see how their mix stacks up.
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Man that Cracked Pepper Beatles mash up is teh shit.
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Jesus this Rubber Souled thing just keeps getting better and better. Junior Parker just blew my mind.
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Oh man...I'm going through a serious soul phase at the moment, and this blog (and its mixes) kicks ASS. Thanks for posting it!
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Great link jonson.
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Okay, lest the world think I'm simply another smirker, I did listen to this mix and it lives up to its namesake. Good link!

Honestly, when Bill Cosby first came on to... uhmm... sing, did anyone else think it was Bobcat Goldthwaite? Anyone? Okay, just me then...

Metafilter: Sing it, Children!

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I would be up for hearing Bobcat Goldthwaite do a Beatles cover. How about "Why Don't We Do It In The Road"?
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The fantastic Version Excursion album features a version of the Beatles Come Together with a subdued Richard "Groove" Holmes on keyboards and Ernie Watts on the horn.
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A few suggestion for part two:

Eleanor Rigby – Aretha Franklin
Let It Be – Aretha Franklin
The Long And Winding Road – Aretha Franklin
Don't Let Me Down – Ben E. King
A Hard Day's Night – Billy Preston
Get Back – Billy Preston
And I Love Her – Bobby Womack
Don't Let Me Down – Bobby Womack
Eleanor Rigby – Booker T. And The MG's
Lady Madonna – Booker T. And The MG's
Medley: Because/You Never Give Me Your Money – Booker T. And The MG's
Medley: Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight/The End/Here Comes The Sun/Come Together – Booker T. And The MG's
Medley: Sun King/Mean Mr. Mustard/Polythene Pam/She Came In Through The Bathroom Window/I Want You (She's So Heavy) – Booker T. And The MG's
Michelle – Booker T. And The MG's
Something – Booker T. And The MG's
Come Together – Brothers Johnson
And I Love Her – David "Fathead" Newman
Yesterday – David "Fathead" Newman
Got to Get You into My Life – Earth, Wind & Fire
She Loves You – Funkadelic
Let It Be – Gladys Knight & The Pips
The Long And Winding Road – Gladys Knight & The Pips
Come Together – Ike & Tina Turner
Get Back – Ike & Tina Turner
Let It Be – Ike & Tina Turner
Dear Prudence – Jackson 5
Eleanor Rigby – James Booker
Day Tripper – Jimi Hendrix
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band – Jimi Hendrix
Tomorrow Never Knows – Jimi Hendrix
Lady Madonna – Little Junior Parker
Oh! Darling – Little Junior Parker
Taxman – Little Junior Parker
The Inner Light – Little Junior Parker
Golden Slumbers – Lou Rawls
Something – Lou Rawls
Yesterday – Lou Rawls
For No One – Maceo & All The Kings Men
Something – Maceo & All The Kings Men
Yesterday – Marvin Gaye
Come Together – Michael Jackson
Come Together – Neville Brothers
A Hard Day's Night – Otis Redding
Day Tripper – Otis Redding
Come Together – Peter Tosh
Eleanor Rigby – Ray Charles
Yesterday – Ray Charles
I Should Have Known Better – Sly And Robbie
And I Love Her – Smokey Robinson & The Miracles
Hey Jude – Smokey Robinson & The Miracles
With A Little Help From My Friends – Steve Cropper
Hey Jude – The Bar-Kays
I Saw Her Standing There – The Bar-Kays
Eleanor Rigby – The Four Tops
Got To Get You Into My Life – The Four Tops
Michelle – The Four Tops
The Long And Winding Road – The Four Tops
Come Together – The Isley Brothers
Let It Be – The Mar-Keys
Come Together – The Meters
Hey Jude – The Temptations
Hey Jude – Wilson Pickett (this one is absolutely sublime)
Here Comes The Sun – Womack And Womack
Eleanor Rigby – Young-Holt Unlimited

I stretched the genre definition a little bit. So sue me.
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more beatles covers here

(including the al green track sourwookie)
posted by vronsky at 11:37 PM on July 28, 2007

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