When in Rome...
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An unexpected treasure trove online... The audioguides for Rome's city museums are available as mp3s! Not only can you find guides to one of the oldest public museums in the world, the Capitoline Museums, but you can also hear several commentaries (including video) on the ancient Roman Altar of Augustan Peace, and download the audioguide of both the Barracco Museum of Ancient Sculpture, and that of the Museum of Rome. Download them before you go and save 5 euros at each museum, but they're *invaluable* even if you listen to them from home! Enjoy!!
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very cool! grazie! : >
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This is great.
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I'm not a fan of them at all usually, but in Venice they had free ipod audioguides at the Accademia for a special exhibit--it was actually cool and not numbered/start/stop/highlights only like some are in museums.

Lately, i've been putting these sorts of things--for cities and museums and neighborhoods, etc--on my ipod for listening to on the flight over, as a prelude.
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excellent find, Misciel!

I wonder if the audioguides for many other museums are online....(I suspect my day off is now going to be spent indoors, searching.)
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Oh yea, grazie mille!
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