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Harptallica began when a music student decided to arrange one Metallica song, "Fade to Black," for two harps. Somehow this turned into 10 Metallica Songs and a CD, titled "Harptallica."
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Accompanied by the world's smallest violin playing for Lars Ulrich.
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What a boring, tedious use of perfectly good harps.
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Harptallica is currently seeking a record deal.

Act now. Avoid the rush.
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Still prefer Apocalyptica. Cellos are metal. And this was done 11 years ago.
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Yep, Apocalyptica has these young ladies beat before they get out of the gate, musically.

If the cello dudes teamed up with these little harp chicks, that might actually be another layer of interesting.

Maybe it's just me.
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Angels of Venice did a real nice cover of "Nothing Else Matters."
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I'm more of a Mötley Lüte fan, myself.
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Hmmm, it's an interesting idea, but sadly, you just can't rock out on a harp. Cellos 1, harps 0.
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Screw harps! I want to see someone do Metallica on ukuleles! They could be called Uketallica.
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