This here giraffe
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I love giraffes. Sure, some people think they're evil (previously on MeFi), but did you know that they have black tongues? Or that their scientific name hints that early viewers thought they resembled a camel/leopard mashup? That their closest living relative is the okapi? Did you know that they come with a special structure to prevent too much blood flow to the brain while drinking, and built-in pressure hose to protect the capillaries in their legs from their massive height and resulting blood pressure? This here giraffe is an amazing critter.
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Jar-Jar Binks?
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Giraffes in the air!
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"did you know that they have black tongues?"

Of course. Didn't you watch "Salute Your Shorts" growing up?
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(Also interesting: Giraffe Heroes. 'Cause they stick their necks out. Get it?)
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i kinda hate the term "mashup" and wish it would go away forever.
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I love okapis. They're one of my favorite animals. Giraffes are pretty neat too, and quite interesting.
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I blame Ford Prefect:
"I took up being cruel to animals," he said airily. "But only," he added, "as a hobby."
"Oh yes," said Arthur, warily.
"Yes," Ford assured him. "I won't disturb you with the details because they would – "
"Disturb you. But you may be interested to know that I am singlehandedly responsible for the evolved shape of the animal you came to know in later centuries as a giraffe. And I tried to learn to fly. Do you believe me?"
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Another little known fact: giraffes are actually made of papier-mâché and fruit juice.
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"You can't leave that lying there!"
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Evil Giraffe:
"I will eat all the leaves on this tree. I will eat more leaves than I should. Then other giraffes may die! Ha ha ha!"
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When I was a toddler my favorite stuffed animal was a giraffe named "Hope"; I have been fascinated by them ever since. ABC correspondent Lynn Sherr also finds them interesting.
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If a giraffe could sing.
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They have white tongues when I'm done with them.
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Heh - interesting; I'd never actually thought about giraffes in any great detail, but thinking logically now, the specialised circulatory system is pretty sensible and impressive...
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this here giraffe laughed
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I love feeding them... but the first time is a little alarming! The massive tongue is a little odd.
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Don't forget the Live Giraffe Cam, which consistently makes my workday just a little bit better.
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I remember feeding Scooter Pies to giraffes in the zoo when I was a kid. It was my impression then that their tongues were not black, but rather a beautiful shade of lavender.
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If Jesus had been a giraffe...
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but did you know that they have black tongues?

Yes. Yes I did. Note to MeFites: your girlfriend prefers giraffes.
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Giraffes are very discreet.
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Easily my favourite animal. Elegant and just plain cool looking.
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I suppose they have black tongues because they stick them out so much they'd get sunburned if they were pink.

I wonder if they are black in the tropics, but turn lavender if they are out of the sun or in a higher latitude.

(Can human beings get a tan on their tongues?)
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One of the giraffes at our local zoo just had a baby. Baby giraffes are awesome.
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The zoo in shelleycat's link is asking for help in naming the giraffe calf.* I propose Charisse.
*And "giraffe calf" sounds like a Starbucks order.
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My partner is the giraffe keeper at Wellington Zoo, and 'her' giraffes don't have black tongues.
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Zarafa is an interesting story.
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heh, just talked to the wife, she made an animated dancing giraffe today as part of a dream sequence in an animated video she's doing.
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There was this wonderful American poet, I forget his name now, but he wrote something along the lines of...

"The f's in giraffe are two giraffes running through the word giraffe."
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Ah. I gotta luv ya for tying in the Flaming Lips to a post about Giraffes!
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Big blue tongue, with a
psychedelic crazy skin,
What is this creature?

Their definition,
The 'one who walks swiftly' is,
undoubtedly true.

Awake or asleep,
Their heads are among the birds,
And they stand on stilts.

Run to keep up as,
Each step, fifteen feet forwards,
Strides like a giant!
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