Aneta Florczyk
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Aneta Florczyk is an extraordinarily strong woman. Here is a video of her twisting a frying pan into a cylinder. She has deadlifted over 500 pounds. And pressed more than 250 pounds overhead.
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I love how she checked her nails after rolling the fryingpan into a cylinder.
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"I can bring home the bacon, twist up a fryin' pan..."
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I'd be hit by that.
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And here's mental imagery of me masturbating to these photos.
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Tall average-sized women lifting heavy things
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Isn't there a Futurama Episode with her in it?... SNU-SNU!!!
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That's really cool... I expected to see a steroidal freak, but she looks like she's accomplished her size and strength in a natural way... I'd love to be able to do the frying pan thing when my family gets cranky: Well (twist) guess (twist) what?! (twist) I'm (twist) not (twist) cooking (twist) tonight! (hold pan up triumphantly)
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Here is a video of her twisting a frying pan into a cylinder.

Aaaaand I'm smitten.

And boy, can she smite.

Seriously, though, I'm always left floored when I think how much devotion it takes to become a top athlete like this, when what it takes to get there is just so physically gruelling, day in, day out, usually with no immediate reward except personal satisfaction and the hope that it'll pay off in competition. Props to Ms. Florczyk!
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She's so strong, she sat through four viewings of old yeller and didn't cry once.
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I don't doubt Aneta Florczyk's strength, but there is a trick to the frying pan stunt. Given a sufficiently cheap and flimsy pan, most people could do it.

Or I suppose you could get one of these.
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Someone apparently forgot to tell her that a woman's place is in the home, COOKING with the frying pan, not breaking it and costing her husband more of his paycheck to replace it....

Y'know what? I think I'LL go tell her... hold on...

/Faint sirens in background
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Just one frying pan? I guess that's pretty good.
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According to the photo on the front page of her website, she is also a Sith Lord.
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I'd like to see her roll up some cast iron. That would be a neat trick.
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Lets see her do that while the frying pan is cooking tasty, tasty bacon!
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Mmm... Bacon Metal Burrito...
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That's a really unfortunate graphic in the header of the first link. It looks like she's pulling on (or pulling something out of) those other two meatheads, who seem to be screaming in agony.
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Damn impressive! Note that she's pretty muscular and fit, but she's not carrying around unprecedented muscle mass. Even relatively slight women, with the right natural talent, training, and technique can lift impressive amounts compared to their body size. Here's some brief YouTube video of what looks to be a teenaged Maryse Turcotte lifting 210 pounds (95 Kg). She has some seriously powerful quads once you take a close look, but her arms don't look much larger than those of the average teen athlete. More on Maryse here.
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Should say "Soviet-era Eastern European frying pan."
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She would make a perfect companion to a robot who loves metal burritos.
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That's a Monday-morning-quality comment, folks.
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Woo-hoo love me them big women. I'm wanna be her bitch!
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Definitely agree with the "she's hot" censuses here.
Thats one fine, strong, woman.
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You guys will LOVE the last line in the frying pan video!

The off-camera man says "Now let's make pancakes!"
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From her website:
"About Aneta -
Born: 26.02.1982
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 75 kg
Biceps: 36 cm
Thigh: 64 cm"

I don't understand any of those numbers.

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Finding myself surprisingly aroused by this....
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Very impressive! And she has got a great smile.
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If she had kids with Mariusz Pudzianowski, their child would have to be a superhero, I swear.
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Wow, she’s pretty strong. I wonder what her THAC0 is.
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Be careful with that one (Wikipedia, NSFW).

More on topic, I'm most impressed by what appears to be a completely natural physique. It seems like body-building without drugs is the exception to the rule now, so it's nice to see someone with some integrity (and a whole lot of strength, seeing as how she could deadlift three of me in one go).
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Natural? You mean like this guy?
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StrikeTheViol: For real East Bloc superhero children, and ignoring for a moment the sometimes strained relationship between Poles and Russians, she should have kids with Alexander Karelin. Or, well, maybe supervillain children would result. Karelin scares me.
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Argh! The galleries interface on her site is really annoying as you have to drill down several levels to get to actual photographs.

But am I going to tell her that? Nosireebob.
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