This one time? At protest band camp?
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HONK! is a showcase and annual festival for a "new kind of street band": motley, theatrical, activist protest groups working within the marching band tradition. From this central site, link to video and audio from twenty bands currently playing in the "honk" genre, from New York's Rude Mechanical Orchestra to to Atlanta's Seed and Feed Marching Abominables to Portsmouth, NH's Leftist Marching Band. Heavy on the brass and percussion, rousing, raucous, and fun, these bands form part of a worldwide musical phenomenon.
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There are many more such bands out there, but no comprehensive listing. As I understand it, HONK! is the first North American group trying to create an association of similar bands. Please post if you know of others.
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Yay! They have the What Cheer? Brigade listed. I love those guys.
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My band's bass player's brother (wow, that sounds like the start of a joke) is in one in Chicago, called Mucca Pazza. At least I think Mucca Pazza counts as the same genre if understand things, which I probably don't.
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Is there anything more fun than the burlesque-likeExtra Action marching band. Hottest flag squad ever.

(sigh, i actually miss marching band a little!!!)
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This is way better than the creepy singing LaRouche supporters I saw today.
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Somewhat reminiscent of radical cheerleaders.
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Anyone know who the marching band was at this Wolf Parade concert at Lupo's in Providence, RI?
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sequential, could it have been the What Cheer? Brigade? They're out of Providence.
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I just saw Environmental Encroachment at the Michigan Peace Fest a couple weeks ago - I was totally blown away.
Gigantic hula-hooping, fire-eating, unitard-wearing craziness. And really great music.
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I'm pretty sure that Mucca Pazza should be on here also. They are really good.
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Great title.
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That's them, Miko. Thanks so much!
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I had the pleasure of playing with the Hungry March Band for three years, including two tours of Europe. We lived in squats, on couches, and played our asses off. I really can think of no better way to show the rest of the world what left-leaning, slightly odd Americans are capable of.
I was surprised at the level of commitment, organization, and connection to social and political causes of the european brass band scene. Sure, it doesn't hurt that they have, in general, the ability to meet and play without the harassment and repression that we often experienced thanks to New York's Finest, as well as 'centros sociales,' publicly sanctioned sites, usually abandoned buildings, for parties, practice, or the occasional communist/anarchist hobnob.
So good on HONK for the work. Keep the brass alive!
Two of my favorite groups from the EU: Titubanda (rome), and Pustule (lyon).
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sequential: That is the What Cheer? Brigade.
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Sadly, the Infernal Noise Brigade, which shared members with the no-way-in-hell-are-these-lyrics-protected-speech post-industrial ¬°Tch'Kung!, is no more.
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Great post, Miko. Thanks!

One band certainly worthy of mention is Les Miserables Brass Band. I played briefly with the group when they first formed in Boston back in the late 80's. They did brass music from all over the world, and did it very well! If you can get ahold of this record, it's worth checking out.
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Excellent, great to see all of these bands showcased together. I was back visiting Providence on New Year's eve, The Great Big Mulp, and my husband and I were lucky enough to end up at AS220 in time for What Cheer?'s performance. Best time we've had ringing in the new year in a while.
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Wow! This is great! I've thought of moving back to nyc just to be able to go see/hear the Hungry March Band again. Opa! --> remembering the time they played the staten island ferry....the time they played the Orange line subway to Brighton Beach... the time they destracted the masses before a game of Flaming Soccer! Yee-ha ha!
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Infernal Noise Brigade was the most impressive of these by far. RIP.
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