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After so many obituary threads, you will be happy to know that Yma Sumac, your favorite four-octave-ranged Peruvian diva (YouTube links) is alive and well and supporting universal healthcare at 85 years of age. Photos then and now. Yma is still communicating with fans and making appearances. Long live the Incan Queen!
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gimme some uma
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Grow a brain.
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To quote an old friend of mine... Yma Sumac is HAWT.
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I just learned that elegance at an old age = dramatic eyes + a wide-brimmed hat. I am filing this information away for a later date.
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!viva la diva!
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One of the great truly eccentric and unique vocalists. I really had no idea she was still alive and active. Thanks for the post.

Anybody remember the old rumors and speculation that she was actually a nice Jewich girl from the Bronx or some such, whose real name was Amy Camus? (backward spelling, you see...)
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Ahhh, no wonder she agreed to do "I Wonder" (cheesy google video link) on "Stay Awake"
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Yes, flapjax - I never knew much about Yma Sumac, but I too always thought her name was really Amy Camus! Where did I even hear that? I have no idea.
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Any relation to Albert?
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She addresses the matter in the interview on her site.
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Hooray! There was a comment in the Korla Pandit thread about the Amy Camus question, but it was only a comment. Everything I've ever read has her as Yma Sumac, including Incredibly Strange Music Volume II in which she is interviewed. And, for what it's worth, the wiki entry on her says it was false, and we all know they wouldn't lie.

On preview: dammit, I had to go get the book didn't I.
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I stayed in the Hostal Yma Sumac in Aguas Calientes when I visited Machu Picchu. It was a great place - not too expensive, nice room, hot shower, very friendly desk guy we chatted with in broken spanglish.

Wonder if she collects royalties on the use of her name in Peru. Doubt it.

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Wow. I'd read about her, but I'd only ever heard the Stay Awake track. She sounds like a human theremin!
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better to be feted in life than in death
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but better to be fetid in death than in life
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Today Miss Sumac resides in Los Angeles, CA, in great health and as of this writing, not ready to retire.

Alpaca lunch, dahling.
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*adds "yma" to list of awesome names*
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hermitosis, I fully expected your first comment to be: "Ha ha, just kidding, she's dead."
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Just promise me that I get to emcee the obituary thread when she does. I will drop into it from the ceiling dressed as Wonder Woman and land in the splits.
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She sounds like a human theremin!

Indeed, the first few times I heard her, I thought I was actually hearing a theremin that had been neatly edited into recordings of her singing. Either that, or a musical saw.

Not at all unlike Diamanda Galas dipped in fairy dust.
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*this is good*
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My first exposure to her - and to the whole exotica genre - was when I decided to have a college radio show. Out of all the bands and groups, she was one of the most interesting people. At the time there were some dusty websites that seemed to imply she was still alive, back in 1997 when they'd last been updated. Good to see her again.
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I think my first real adult bonding moment with my father (who is super-conservative and distant) came when a casual conversation about music led to him revealing that he was a huge Yma Sumac fan. He saw her perform multiple times in the 60's. My amazement was eclipsed by his greater amazement that I, too, am a fan. Nice how things sometimes work out.
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I thought the name sounded familiar, and sure enough when I check my iTunes the Blue Note Carnival album has three tracks by her, all of which I had already five-starred.
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You know who she looks like? Dita von Teese.

It's not just the makeup, either - their faces are very similar.
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She's a perennial crossword clue, too.
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a scratched to hell vinyl version of a record by yma sumac (which was amongst the few possessions he managed to take with him when the father in law of a friend of mine escaped from communist hungary in the fifties) was the soundtrack to the most interesting conversation i'd ever had with the most interesting person i'd ever met
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