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A mainstay of the old-timey cinema era, the Photoplayer was a pump organ designed for player piano rolls, sound effects and a human composer. [Courtesy of Huell Howser]
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That last just jaw-droppingly wonderful....thanks!
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I used to work for a competing station to WSM in Nashville at the time Huell Howser was doing his bits, so that your post was a personal blast to the past. I remember Huell leaving Nashville, but I kind of lost track of him thereafter, and hadn't thought about him in years. Glad to learn he's still doing his schtick.

And the Photoplayer links were interesting, too.
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Nice find. Way cool post. Many thanks.
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The Photoplayer is, of course, reminiscent of the Dutch street organs, but with considerably more live (human) player interaction.
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Awesome. That human composer video actually looks like a great cardio workout.
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Hey, dhammond, if you add the musicalinstrument tag to this post, there'll finally be someone besides myself on MeFi who uses it! Don't let me down, friend...
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Huell Howser chased a male friend of mine around a table once, years ago. The story was hysterical, if creepy. I will never be able to listen to his voice again without imagining him calling out, "Hey! Why ya runnin!?" Friends of mine & I have done impressions of it for years, and it never ceases to give me the giggles.
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Huell Howser fans should definitely check out his video podcast on iTunes. The full half-hour episode about the Photoplayer is still available and can be downloaded for free.
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thanks, dhammond.
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Absolutely great.
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I probably should have added "allegedly" before that comment. Cuz dagnabbit, I don't want Huell a-suein' me.
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