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This fall is going to be a good season for some giants of American art in Washington, DC. Edward Hopper comes to the National Gallery from Boston. Asher Durand opens at the Smithsonian. And Ansel Adams travels to the Corcoran.
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Righteous! I'll be in DC in October and can go see all of these!
two things I miss about DC: free museums, and thunderstorms.
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I was fortunate enough to see Hopper at the MFA in Boston. A collection not to be missed; it may not be all gathered together again in our lifetimes. All the major works, a chronological progression, great audio commentary that really added to a viewer's understanding, and much detail and nuance that I had never noticed in reproduction images. Well worth the trip.
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Also saw the Hopper at the MFA and was completely blown away. I'd never seen his watercolors before but they're as impressive as his oils and the show contains a lot of material from his days in Gloucester. Do not miss it.
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I'm a Hopper geek. And in DC.
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Very cool - an exhibit of Hopper watercolors was the last exhibit I saw on the last day that the American art museum was open before their renovation started. I'll have to plan a mid-week hooky day for that one.
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Definitely go see it. I also saw it at the MFA and his Gloucester/Maine/Cape Cod paintings are really great.
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I wish I could get to the Hoppers (L.A.). I love his stuff.

But in the 'art-installing' world, they are rare to come across. So I've only seen a couple, and wasn't blown away by what I saw. They're surprisingly simple. I'd really look forward to seeing a large collection to get a better feel for his stuff.

BTW, had the same response to Motherwells: loved 'em in the art books, surprised by how small and simple they were in person.
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Mid-day hooky meetup? I'm in! Kinda far off to plan specifics, but lemme know when you're going, and I'll walk down to meet you.
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And hey - an exhibit of Annie Leibovitz's photography opens at the Corcoran on October 13.
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Will do, MrMoonPie! Will most likely arrive via Red Line. Further bulletins as events warrant...
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