Zombie Joseph Beuys Recommends: The Tax Code
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For each occupation, an illustration. For some months, Dorothy of Cat and Girl has been riffing on the Schedule C Principal Business or Professional Activity Codes Table. The list is full of odd associations. Why, for instance is "Offices of Podiatrists" illustrated with a Starfleet officer? There's gotta be a story there.
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I thought it was this person, but apparently she was a book bindery employee.
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Trekkie = heel
Utilities = tool
Drugs & Druggists' Sundries = (narcotic) freak
Tobacco & Tobaco Products = crutch

Given the material, she could've aimed higher for laughs. But that would've counted as working.
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I was expecting to see little cartoons of Germany in Poland, Japan in China, Russia in Estonia and the pile-on in Afghanistan.

But the podiatrist is cute.
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It must have seemed like a funny idea at the time.
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Heh, bell jar.
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Good stuff -- shades of Roz Chast.
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For the Starfleet Podiatrist I figured, Starfleet = Feet?
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I enjoyed this, but there are no professional black folks?
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I heart Cat and Girl.
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Smart Dalek, she's not going for laffs. Very Small Array Ms. Gambrell's outlet for various creative exercises, and they tend towards the idiosyncraticand personal. Which isn't to say they aren't often amusing.
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I agree that Cat And Girl is awesome (and I have a particularly high bar regarding webcomics). And this is nifty too!
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"I enjoyed this, but there are no professional black folks?"

It appears that way on the surface, but we can't be sure that the Chemical and Allied Products and the Professional and Commercial Equipment and Supplies representatives aren't black.

(Browsing the rest of the pages I saw a Sikh, an Arab and a cowboy, all identified by headware, so who knows?)
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eutastic - she explains in the comments to one of the sections that she doesn't do shading/crosshatching in her comics. So the cartoons aren't particularly supposed to be Caucasian; they're just the way she draws everyone.
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