Natasja Saad, RIP
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Natasja Saad, born to a Danish mother and a Sudanese father was a Danish rapper and reggae singer, about to achieve international break through. She died last week in a car accident near Kingston, Jamaica
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oh, very sad, she was so young, beautiful and talented.

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oh dear, realised after I hit post, that her name was Saad and I'd written so sad.
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I know time flies in the summer, but June 24th is not last week.
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Yes, this is sad. Her tracks were catchy as hell, she had a great voice and delivery for that rap/reggae/toasting stuff she was doing. The videos included on the died last week link, though... well, I'm just kind of sick of music-video-as-soft-core-porn, but, hey, that's what the kids like, right?

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The first link in the post has comments that are below the norm even for YouTube. There's some pretty extreme racist bullshit there, so be warned, if that kind of thing pisses you off.
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Listening to Nastasja before going to work today. What an interesting culture combo, Danish and Jamaican reggae rap. She really was talented and seemed like a sexy, gentle, mature person. What a pity she died.
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Ah, that's a damn shame.
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A discovery lost :(
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