Bob Odenkirk's Derek and Simon
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Derek and Simon is a new web-only comedy series written by Bob Odenkirk.
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Youtube user film114 has 4 more videos that aren't on the SuperDeluxe page.
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These are great. Thanks!
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I started watching Mr. Show this year and it's fantastic. This stuff will still be well-revered 20 years from now. Any Bob Odenkirk project is well worth your time. Thanks for the post.
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His brother Bill Odenkirk is/was a writer for Futurama.

Mr Show really ruled. The Pre-Taped Call In Show should be a legend.
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DU, even hearing someone mention the pre-taped call-in show was enough to make me snorfle my coffee right out my nose.

Imagine how I'll choke laughing when I pull out the DVDs and watch them over dinner this evening. Those of you who haven't seen it should, without fail and without delay, but be aware that you may need to self-Heimlich if you try to eat while watching.

There are worse ways to go.
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I interviewed Bob about this on my show. He's a truly amazing guy.

I would say my favorite series on SuperDeluxe is The Maria Bamford Show, though.
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Any Bob Odenkirk project is well worth your time.

Yeah, well.
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That was a fascinating interview, YoungAmerican. Not often you hear someone speak so candidly about their own career and projects.
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I always get him mixed up with the cow kung-fu guy. Not the name so much as the lack of funny.
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Wholphin, the DVD from McSweeney's has featured two Derek and Simon short films. At least one features an HBO production (or something) credit screen at the end. Was this something he pitched to HBO and they decided not to pick up?
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