Spanish Civil War Posters
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Spanish Civil War posters, utilizing many early modernist styles --like Art Deco, surrealism, realism, and photomontage-- to communicate with the people of Spain, many of whom were illiterate.
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Some of my favorites.
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if I'm not mistaken, these are all anarchist/communist posters.

Got any fascist ones?

Say what you will, but fascists from the 30's really got the futurist-art deco style down pat.
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Yeah, but the revolutionary ones display well online or indeed anywhere, Avenger. The fascist ones look best hung by the ankles from lamp-posts.
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True. Nazi-esque posters don't look so groovy on your laptop's wallpaper. Kinda weird looking, actually. /understatement

Here's some more Spanish-Civil War posters.
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Hey, thanks Gamblor, this is great! Seems there's tons of Russian poster stuff available, it's been reproduced and widely disseminated for years, but this is the first time I've seen such a great collection of Spanish posters from that period. Bookmarked!
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very cool. some of the best posters are by the anarchists, called the CNT during the civil war.
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The CNT-FAI is still around, if I recall.
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Actually the Nazi propaganda posters are not very modernist at all. They tend towards the very realistic. Cool futurist posters were decadent art to them.

I used to own a copy of this Spanish Civil War poster. Many are available as reproductions.

I became fascinated with propaganda posters after working on a museum exhibition on them in graduate school.
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Interesting how this one eschews fancy design for a visceral punch to the gut.
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The CNT is still going strong, but IIRC there was a split when they were able to organise openly again after the death of Franco (the fascist we learned to live with) involving who got the returned assets of the original pre-War. The one linked is the affiliate of the IWA.
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Pre-War union, that would be. The other organisation is now called the CGT.
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Excellent post. For the ultimate visual fusion of Communism and Nazism (please let me never type that again) check out the NBP's flag. I just found out about them today, [via]. They seem to have an especially interesting position as Putin's opposition and inspiration. Previously, though all the links appear to be broken.
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Yikes! That NBP flag is, er... wow, that's weird. That is some conflicting/conflicted/confluckted imagery right there, boy.
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I wish I had something to add to the subject of the Spanish Civil War, but Gamblor has clearly covered everything. To add to the diversity of images here is a Dali representation of the USA. Also, the propaganda in Iraq is begging for a FPP.
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No pasaran!
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When it comes to art of the Spanish Civil War, I always liked this one.
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Fantastic. I've been looking for an archive like this for years.
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I've seen a lot of Axis and Allied WWII propaganda posters, but this is new to me. Thanks a lot.
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