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Are you Lonely? Curious? Depraved? Do you have questions that are just too risqué for AskMe? Live Hot Puppet Chat has got your answer. Yeah baby! Now you can experience sizzling raw, uh, pleasures. [NSFW]
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Skiddles, Prickle, Al the Slug, Reducey-Risk Reindeer, Barry Bible, and Dobo Disty host sex—excuse me, six longish episodes. Though the blame largely falls on LHPC for the permanent closure of UC San Diego's student-run television station (SRTV) in 2005, the characters live on.
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Something shorter? Ok, here's Skiddles in Carpe Diem in Fur: Beware the Dog Who Dreams.
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The Barry Bible episode is wrong on so many different levels... and I laughed all the way through it.
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Speaking as a (once professional) puppeteer, this isn't funny.
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I'm in a pandering mood tonight, ZachsMind, and I'm sorry that stuff let you down. If it's any consolation, the Decovo account at is also responsible for providing this documentary on Andy Kaufman's wrestling career.
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Okay. Kaufman. You're off the hook, then.
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This is an uber-post, and ur-post, a meta-post. This is MetaFilter. Awesome, awesome, awesome.
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Marijuana sketch
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Well, ok. I put a little Kaufman collection together earlier tonight over in AskMe. As long as this is headed that way, here it is again:

Eight amazing* moments§ in Andy Kaufman's on-camera career

* The wrestling video.
§ The infamous Friday's marijuana sketch.

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Ever seen his "Breakfast with Blassie" short? It's not on Youtube presently but really entertaining all the same.
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Ok, well now that this post has been thoroughly and well upstaged I will take the opportunity to thank you all who came and enjoyed and to wish you all a safe internets.

To those of you here now, I hope the link still works. If not, sorry. You missed it and it was really, really awesome. It's ok, don't worry! There's bound to be something good left in these archives. Keep looking.
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