Poems and Drawings of the Girl Born Without A Mother
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Fan of Caresses/Supreme Discharged Toilette Ron Padgett's 1968 translations of the 18 drawing-poems from Francis Picabia's poetry collection Poèmes et dessins de la fille née sans mère, from the latest issue of onedit. Much more Picabia inside. [via this from Ron Silliman]
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Picabia as punk: The famous stuffed monkey still life of Rembrandt, Cezanne and Renoir
Some beautiful abstractions
A nice selection of his mechanomorphs
66 Picabia paintings from across his career
A biting four-part debate between art dealer Alain Tarica and the Picabia Committee over who gets to decide the authenticity of certain paintings
More on Ron Padgett
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Ouch. I'm pretty sure I didn't have this headache before I clicked on the www.abcgallery.com link...

(nice paintings, horrible ads).
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Ads? You see ads? Why would you want to do that?
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Thanks a lot for sharing this. Somehow I missed it on Silliman.
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Very interesting post, mediareport ... I knew nothing about his poetry. Nor did I know about Silliman's neat site. I look forward to exploring this more later when the interruptions of the work day are passed. Thanks.
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Marvelous post mediareport. Always loved the many faces of Picabia's art. Never had any idea he had this line poem side. How cool. Prompted me to Wikipedia his bio. I love diverse and rich complexity in a person and he was fabulously complex. How exciting to learn about him. Thanks so much for your post.

The artworld doesn't seem to like his early 1940's girlie period.

Love his fun erotic line poem from the link you posted.

This painting of his reminds me of 9/11.

He was so ahead of his time, born in 1879 and died in 1953 in the same house he was born 74 years earlier, playfully poetic, spare.

Dadist forerunner of Indexed.

From the Surrealist Dictionary, some hip Picabia quotations:

Beliefs are ideas going bald.

Death is the horizontal prolongation of a factitious dream, life not being verifiable.
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Thanks, nickyskye; I think together we've done a damn thorough retrospective. :)

Never had any idea he had this line poem side.

I didn't either, just always loved his paintings. Picabia was fairly influential in dada literary circles, founding the magazine 391 and working with folks like Erik Satie on interesting multimedia experiments (meant to include those two). Search for his name at the digital dada library for more of his writing in French.

madamjujujive, a poet pal tells me Silliman is pretty central among poetry bloggers; you're in for a treat if you bookmark his site. It's densely packed with lots of neat links I don't see elsewhere.
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Silliman's site is indeed "pretty central," and it's great for the links and for his analysis, but you should probably also be aware that he has a tendency to be inflammatory and is fairly set in his ways. As far as I'm concerned, that just makes it more entertaining, but he does piss people off on a somewhat regular basis. It wouldn't hurt to take most of what he has to say with a grain of salt.
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(And great post, by the way.)
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he has a tendency to be inflammatory and is fairly set in his ways

Unlike most other bloggers, eh? ;)

But seriously, thanks for the warning. I'm really not very well equipped to tell a good dense poetry blog from a bad one, so grains of salt are at the ready.
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