Ingmar Bergman's Soap Commercials
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The 9 soap commercials Ingmar Bergman made are a little known part of his oeuvre. Slate's Dana Stevens explains how they came about.
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Reminds me of Michel Gondry.
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Thanks for this!

Many respected directors have directed commercials. I wish it was easier to look this sort of stuff up - aside from searching YouTube, I remember as a kid leafing through my sister's Communication Arts magazines to look for recognizable names of directors. Of course, that was during a somewhat earlier era, so I didn't know at the time that, say, the guy who directed those wonderful Dennis Hopper Nike commercials would later go on to make Se7en and Fight Club.

I wish I could find this other Terry Gilliam commercial, which was some sort of musical about a baseball team...does anyone else remember this? The last image was of a baseball field with the huge faces of Old White Men looming over it (a la Brazil), singing, "...or we'll send you back to double A."
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That SlateTV blog is priceless - I never knew it existed. Thanks! Strong recommendation to watch the Skittles spot & the Newscaster's uncontrollable laughter at the tumbling fashion model, both very funny.
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Oh my Lord. That Skittles commercial is made of pure genius.

As is this one.
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Sweatdrop-alien and bacterium-witch deathmatch by Bergman!

David Lynch, eat your little heart out... Ha!
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