Ah, that cunning wolf...
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Lit2Go - tons of stories, tales and poems suitable for younger readers: HTML, PDF, and MP3s. From Baa, Baa, Black Sheep to Jane Eyre, Frankenstein, and Flatland.
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Is this or is it not a ripoff of Project Gutenberg's content? Someone do a thorough analysis and let me know. kthx
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As this stuff is public domain, it's not a "ripoff."

I discovered Lit2Go about three months ago and have found it absolutely great for car rides. I subscribe to the podcast of the MP3s, download the latest on to the iPod and voila, free classic audiobook stories for the kids.

[Which is heaps better than the free audiobook relatives sent from the Guardian's Dr. Seuss insert, as I cannot stand that particular performance of Cat in the Hat.]
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At first glance, this is pretty cool, but why no PDFs for full books? Who wants to go through and print one chapter at a time?
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Oh neat, Wolfdog.

wow, The Book of Knowledge Volume XVII, "Is There a World Beyond Our Senses?" Haven't seen that for decades.

Buttercup Gold and Other Stories
How the Raindrops and Sunbeams Helped

Inly, minly, dibbity fig,
Delia, Dolia, dominig,
Otcha, potcha, dominotcha,
Ella Bella boo,
Out goes you.

"Five Little Speckled Frogs"

Was in the mood for this today and thought of posting about the Rosetta Project, Children's Books Online, finding out it had already been done.

Check out Otto of the Silver Hand at the Baldwin Project, " Bringing Yesterday's Classics to Today's Children"

And adding to the daydreaming factor...one of my all time favorites, the illustrations of Jessie Willcox Smith in Water Babies. ah, that tenderness of Mrs. DoAsYouWouldBeDoneBy.
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"Ah, that cunning wolf..."

oooh, is that you?!
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Thanks Wolfdog. I have found myself making up the words to rhymes when playing with my 4 month old. Now he'll be hearing nonsense from the nineteenth century rather than accounts of daddies day at work!
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