This is Marisa Monte
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After growing up with opera and samba, having lived in Rio and Rome, her first album went double platinum, producing some modern classics. She didn't stop there, as has gone on to make many other great albums. Not to long ago, a one shot collaboration, with two other modern greats, turned out to be a success despite limited publicity (maybe because the songs were actually quite good). This is Marisa Monte, one of the great talents of MPB. Have a listen (thus the YouTube and links).
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Nota dez!
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I loved Tribalistas. Did anyone see Marisa Monte on her US tour last year?
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I love Marisa. Wonderful voice.
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At the risk of offending anyone, even to the extent of having insults hurled in my direction, I'd just like to say that Monte is one of my favorite Brazilian vocalists, a wonderful singer. Thanks for the post.
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Wow, that's odd (and sad) that someone might hurl insults because you like Marisa's work. I adore her. I saw her show in NYC last fall and would have gone to Miami (or LA) to see her if she hadn't added the date.

As an artist, Marisa is an interesting and charming combination of cerebral and authentic, a smart woman with a pop touch that not everyone appreciates. Not everything she does works, as such, but she tries, and she thinks, and she learns and explores. She isn't churning out the same old stuff, year after year, and when she revisits MPB and mines its depths for her music, to me, she makes it new. I'll be the first to admit she isn't perfect -- to my ear, Tribalistas hasn't aged all that well -- but I love watching what she does. She opened up Brazilian music and culture for me and for that, I'll always be grateful.
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I agree, eigoose. Not all her experiments are successful, but she does keep getting better.

Personally, I also like the lyrics quite a bit, and that tends to balance out some of the musical imperfections, especially with the Tribalistas.
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I have loved her for years. "Barulinho bom" continues to be one of my all time favorite albums. I used to sing her song "Magdamalabares" to my son as a lullaby every night when he was little. I still use it as my own personal lullaby.
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uh... eigoose = elgoose (as read by a man with fuzzy vision).
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Beija Eu is one of my very favorite songs of all time. She really has a phenomenal voice!
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