Of Muppets and Men
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Of Muppets and Men. [1 2 3 4 5 6] Excellent behind-the-scenes documentary showing the mental, verbal and physical athleticism of putting together The Muppet Show. Also, a TMBG video mashup with excerpts from the doc. [All YouTube, Previously]
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"The Muppet Show" link is Wiki. My bad.
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Everyone's glasses look like windshields. Giant mutant windshields on steroids.

It sounds like the puppeteers are doing impressions while talking normally. Jim Henson doesn't have a voice of his own, he can only speak in the Kermit voice.
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I kind of feel obligated to comment in this post.
whoo cool.
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I miss that Jim Henson fellow something fierce.
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That is cool, I always enjoyed the Muppets when growing up, however I never actually knew any of the guests that appeared on the show.
The Muppet show aged pretty well except for some of the more obscure guest stars. And for someone growing up in the eighties in Europe a lot of them were really unknown.
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Awesome, Awesome, Awesome.

I particularly enjoyed the bit with John Cleese at the beginning of link 6, and the bit with (who else?) Dr. Bunsen Honeydew about 30 seconds into link number 5.

Stavrogin, I noticed that too. Jim Henson's normal speaking voice is far too close to the Kermit voice for comfort.
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My, men sure knew how to wear a beard then.
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(That second comment was after I had actually watched most of it.)
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I've had a really bad night. There are very few things that could have put a smile on my face. This did it. Thanks.
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What's Frank Oz doing dressed up like David Cross?
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[this is good]
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I miss Jim Henson too.
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What a cool bunch of people. And what splendid jumpers!

I for one laughed like a silly at the "pillage idiot" line...
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I heard Jim Henson say in an interview once that he was shy and introverted, but speaking in Kermit's voice gave him a way around that- he could say what was on his mind. He said this particular thing through Kermit too, now that I think of it.

I wish they had laid Kermit to rest when Jim Henson died. Not all of the muppets- even Ernie I was ok with someone else doing the voice. But Kermit- that never seemed right to me.

Thanks a lot for this post- I hadn't seen this before.
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jiiota, Kermit was Jim's most prominent Muppet by far, but the Muppet who was most a part of him, and most an avatar for his own personality, was Rowlf. Rowlf was, though not retired, largely moved into the background after Jim's death.

And yeah, seventeen years later and I'm still sad. I know I've already said this about Mister Rogers, but Jim Henson was a saint, too.
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null terminated beat me to it.

Very cool post. Thanks.
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It's a shame that Frank Oz has essentially retired from performing his characters, though his voice has changed quite a bit from when this was filmed.

And it goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway, that I miss Jim as well.
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Doesn't watching that documentary just make you wish that somehow, someway, you could've been involved with that team? Creative genius... man, that brought back some memories.
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Thanks, this is just wonderful.
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If only there were something on TV so good today!
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My gosh, thank you so much. I thought I had seen all the Muppet stuff out there, but I hadn't seen this somehow. Just so heartwarming and amazing. I actually got goosebumps.
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Fourth walls are built to be taken down.
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They are all so sober when they are working the puppets. I think I would be forced to make the same expressions as the puppet.
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Frank Oz is mostly retired? I thought he was still working on Sesame Street.
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Great post - thanks. I'm always amazed at how much personality comes across in puppets. It's often so much better than CGI characters.
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Do you think the beards were just 'the new guys' mimicking the bosses style?
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The Muppets are just about the only thing left that give me faith in humanity.
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Thanks, McLir! You made my, and probably may people's, day.
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Funny, I was just exposing my daughter to the wonder and glory that is The Muppet Movie for the first time this morning. She's four, and I don't think she's really understands what she's seeing, but she's enjoying it.

Me, I'm watching it as an adult for the first time, and fully appreciating the work that went into the puppetry. And laughing my ass off at the jokes that are sailing over my daughters head.

"Sparkling Muscatel. One of the finest wines of Idaho."
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A number of actors who have appeared with Muppets in tv shows or movies say the Muppets are so real to them that they converse with the Muppet before and after takes. They forget that there is a Muppeteer standing *right there*--and the Muppeteer is so used to communicating through the Muppet that he (or she) conducts the conversation with the actor by way of the Muppet. It becomes intrinsic.

Amazing... and don't you wish you'd had the chance to sit down and talk to Kermit.
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My God that brings back some memories. Oh, and for Jim Henson:

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i love you mclir, and i want to have your babies...
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and now that i'm done watching i must say:

it's been really quite a long time since i've been genuinely sad to see something end. great movies and shows that hold my interest still find me anticipating the credits these days. maybe i've become jaded. maybe it's media overload (quite probable given our times). in any case, i often find myself longing for the last chapter, waiting for that last chord to fade out, if only so i can sit and digest what i've just witnessed.

but i hated to see this documentary end. for a little while, i lived backstage at jim henson's shop, and i savored every minute. now i almost don't know what to do with myself. that sixties font rolling over my screen evokes in me the harshest ennui and a desire to...

oh shit, and the TMBG video, too? KICK ASS!!! gotta go--
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es_de_bah, do you have any stories living backstage at Jim Henson's shop? Let's know!

(As per your offer, do resemble Lola Heatherton or Catherine O'Hara's brother?)
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David Cross could play a young Frank Oz.
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What's Frank Oz doing dressed up like David Cross?

I spoke too soon.
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"Sparkling Muscatel. One of the finest wines of Idaho."

Would you like to smell the bottlecap?
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did anyone else notice that the camera operator of the muppets and men doc was roger deakins?
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Yow. Deakins has quite the resume.
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"do you have any stories living backstage at Jim Henson's shop?"

Ditto what McLir said, es_de_bah.

When I was a kid, I wanted to be in Henson's workshop when I grew up, but lost interest in puppetry around high school. I've only recently taken puppetry back up as a sorta hobby, and I'd forgotten how difficult, and how rewarding, it could be. My arm muscles are so outta shape. LOL! I used to be able to do live shows for parties and art fairs for hours. Nowadays, just five minutes in front of a webcam leaves me feeling like a wimp.
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...wow. That looks like fun!

Puppet Improv. If there is a heaven for me, it's gonna have puppet improv, and I'll go through eternity with the unmitigated illusion that I'm actually good at it.
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I believe you all misread what es_de_bah was saying. I interpreted the phrase as being "for a while (this documentary made me feel as if), I lived backstage...."

But I'd love to be wrong.
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Good call daq. (es_de_bah may still reward the overly-literally-minded of us.)

In other news... Perhaps I should have cruised this link before posting, BUT, here is a heapin' helpin' of season 2. [TV Links]
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Fantastic post. Many thanks.
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The Muppet Show was extremely important to me as a kid. One night a week I got to stay up an extra half an hour in order to watch the show with my family. I wanted to grow up and work at the Muppet studios, but it seemed like an impossible dream. Thanks for this.
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Made my day.
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It's a credit to the artistry of the Muppet show crew that during the first scene, I expected the pig puppets to carry on and chat with the operators onstage. It was almost jarring to see them still, because they're infused with so much character and life.

I was having an absolutely terrible day, and you've made mine as well. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
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When I was a kid, I wanted to work on the Muppets too.

But I thought it was a real theatre, and maybe I could dance with Gonzo's chickens.
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i hate to disappoint, but i was speaking metaphorically.
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I'm really glad that Mr. Rogers and Jim Henson aren't here in this 21st century, because I can just see either of them saying something that the neoconiverse wouldn't like, and then Bill O'Reilly would have to do a 60-minute show attacking Jim Henson, and then I would've been jailed for doing something rather unspeakable.
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Really interesting how Oz describes the complexity of muppet interrelationships--each of them has an opinion about or an issue with each of the others. Compared to the one-track pap produced now now (thoroughly destroyed here), it's remarkable.
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A friend of mine the other day explained to me in detail how Mister Rogers fits the "police profile of a pedophile." I smiled and nodded and changed the subject as soon as possible. Then I mentally did that thing that Chandler used to do on Friends whenever he heard something he didn't wanna hear...

Chandler: "That didn't just happen!" [waves arms in the air in front of him, blinks several times, says something incomprehensible and snaps his fingers]

"Can it be that it was all so simple then
Or has time rewritten every line
If we had the chance to do it all again-- "

*SFX explosion*
John Candy: "She blewed up real good!"


Doesn't work. I loathe the 21st century so far.
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