March 14, 2001
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Feeling short on brainpower? From air conditioning to space travel, Yarchive has enough information to transform you from a mindless idiot to a master of technological know-how.
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This style of posting reminds me of Memepool. You know what I mean... Where every noun or verb is a hyperlink, even if it doesn't make much sense.
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Well, at least the links are links in this one (unlike this).

Anyhow, someone mailed me a link to one of the articles and I started perusing the rest of the selection. I think you could spend years reading it all. I never saw Usenet in its glory days before spam and advertising took over, is this what it was like?
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Okay folks, no need for the snarkfest...
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Indeed, a'boy, upon that time were it ever so. Nah, not really. Many newsgroups were really high-quality places; many others, well, weren't. The comp.* hierarchy was always pretty good, if you discounted things like permanent floating Windows-OS/2 or Windows-Mac flamefests. There are still some individual newsgroups that are havens of high quality. There aren't as many unique little communities, though.

Yarchive here actually has one of my own favorite posts. Yay! (There are photos that help explain that post.)

My lamented favorites, though, were places like ... well, there's this in-joke, you see. A newsgroup was started named alt.swedish.chef.bork.bork.bork (Muppet reference). Then other newsgroups were started like alt.wesley.crusher.die.die.die. So one day someone started alt.adjective.noun.verb.verb.verb ... just as a joke. It lay around, a one-off joke it seemed. Then one day a few of us started posting jokes ... and quickly developed a vocabulary. Every single post had to be in the form alt.[adjective].[noun].[verb][verb][verb]. Well .. just take a look.
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Uhm...why is glassblowing/cutting/etching/etc under metalwork? Just nitpicking.

The alt. hierarchy was always fun. comes to mind. *.verb.verb.verb was alway the best. The FAQ's hilarious. There's nothing like true commitment to taking a joke out to the extreme.

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I enjoyed the late alt.french.captain.borg.borg.borg group, too. Okay, okay - I liked the name of the newsgroup.

...and if you're feeling really bored, aanvvv has a home page.
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Aaaaah! More people who know aanvvv! I thought its memory had vanished forever with the ascendance of the web.

More fun than the seemingly-omnipresent haiku, that's for sure.

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