The art world can finally go fully digital now.
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Those guys in the first link are just a little too full of themselves. There were at least several more-fully feature paint programs available on the Mac before the PC's even had a GUI. They all had similar, if not more functionality than Paint has (even today). I believe MacPaint had a spray can, I know Super Paint did and i think Canvas did as well, nor did they invent the eraser. My suspicion is that all or most of the UI for all these programs came from Xerox.
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Those guys in the first link are just a little too full of themselves.

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Dear doctor_negative: I think you may have mistaken parody for a real documentary. Please note that half the "MS Paint designers" were using Macs.

Also, I have a butterknife, and I have a box of sharp carving chisels, saws, and the like. I would like to carve a statue from a block of wood. Please watch while I spurn the tools completely, and film myself carving wood with the butterknife, set to annoyingly twee music.

When I'm done, I'll transcode the film to a digital format by hand-tracing each film frame using a slide scanner and MS Paint, and upload it by manually entering in strings of 1s and 0s through a 14.4 KBPS external fax modem hooked up to a VIC-20 I built from spare parts purchased on eBay.

I wrote a check for the parts. PayPal is too easy.
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doctor_negative - I think it's time to have your parody detector circuit recalibrated
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doctor_negative, your comment forms a subtle extension of the documentary. Exquisite.
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Doctor_negative out-satires MetaFilter. Film at 11.
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You can't use such hackneyed material to mock such hackneyed software. It's embarrassing, like being the MS Paint of comedy.
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I thought it was really hilarious for the first 45 seconds, when I didn't know it was a satire yet, that the guy had "pipes" as his screensaver.
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Whoops, got me. Having worked at MS, the level of smugness displayed here didn't strike me as unrealistic :)

And kcds, touché, turn about is fair play.
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Why are you all picking on doctor_negative? All you fucking M$ fanbois. I'm so fucking sick of MetaFilter and the fucking Windows brigade dumping on every goddamned computer thread. Why can't the Mac get some love on this site?
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Crap. I was hoping to get in before the doctor responded ;)
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doctor_n I think it's great that you wrote a serious response to a serious seeming video and at the same time wrote a satiric response to a satiric video. Parallel realities or something.
Good post, fun thread.
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"...and the program opens right there on your screen. In a matter of minutes."

Worth it for that line alone.
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Actually, you can make the line thinner.

(I also used to know a trick for making gradients, but I forgot it.)
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Christ to think of all the time i spent drawing in ascii in word perfect 5 for DOS when I could have used something this innovative!
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The perfect 12 colors. Hah! Rad.
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I think they're specifically parodying the videos on the Final Cut Studio web site. Which are fabulous videos, but ripe for parody. Nice work.
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I use paint all the freaking time. That program is actually very handy for the common resizing, cropping, and compositing a non-graphic designer has to do in everyday life.

And well done, doctor_negative.
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