Round the World and Bach
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David Juritz a leading violinist left his house with a backpack, fiddle and completely empty wallet at the start of a 60,000-mile, twenty-five-country, round-the-world busk. He is raising money for Musequality (read about some of their support efforts, like the M-Lisada Brass Band). His comment about Berlin being a terrible city for busking put me in mind of this post about Joshua Bell. You can donate here if you feel so inclined.
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Hadn't heard of this gentleman or the organization before, but an interesting journey and charity. (Reminds me a bit of Right to Play and other organizations tying sports to similar causes.)

As I read his bio I was wondering if he was taking his Guadagnini!

But evidently not.
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I can't help but think that this kind of thing would give you a greater appreciation for your fans at the very least. Classically trained professional musicians seem to live in a bit of a bubble.
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Indeed, cali, unlike the hordes of professional rock musicians, jazz musicians and folk musicians who can be found any day or night of the week in poor neighbourhoods of most major cities standing on street corners handing out wads of cash and gratis concert tickets to passers by in between the free workshops and open jam sessions that are so prevalent everywhere these days.
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A week or so after reading that New Yorker article I was walking near Union Square and stopped to listen to an amazing violinist for about 20 minutes. Best $2 I've ever spent. A few other people also hung out for a long time, and I wondered at the time whether they, like me, had seen the Bell story and had it very much in mind.

Afterward confirmed that she plays violin for a living, and I don't mean as a professional busker.
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