Down down in the salt mine underneath the ground
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Wieliczka Salt Mine in Poland has been in operation for 800-odd years. Needless to say, this has given the miners plenty of time to carve some pretty amazing things. More photos here and here. Videos here and here. Virtual tour here. Wikipedia.
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This is where they send slugs who have been very very bad.
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Seriously though, this is amazing. Reminds me a little of Petra.
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This is where they send slugs who have been very very bad.

Nicely done.

A while back, I read a novel called The Winter Zoo, in which the young Midwestern protagonist drops out and wanders to Krakow, where he later seduces his cousin's friend in an eerily beautiful room of an underground salt mine, carved to look like a baroque altar.

I knew the author had lived in Poland and maybe the Czech Republic for a time, but still assumed the salt mine setting was totally fictional. Clearly, it's not. Thanks for the link.

(Sorry I doubted you, Beckman!)
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Superawesome. Thanks, dersins!
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When I was a kid I had a book that contained hundreds of pages of multi-paragraph descriptions of interesting places all around the planet (sort of a portable geographical Wikipedia for kids in the 80s). The Wieliczka salt mines really stuck with me from that book and years later when I was traveling through Europe, I made damn sure to get my ass to Poland and see them.

Long story short: I did. And they were awesome.
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... and because I've never before had a reason to use this photo:

I Love Wieliczka
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Fortunately, we got this handy-dandy pronunciation guide today.
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One deer could ruin everything...eventually.

(Excellent post!)
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Walking barefoot in the mine made my feet all salty.

Take your shoes off if you go to the mine. It's a bit slippery, like walking on ice. Then after a while your feet goes all tingly.
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awesome! thanks.
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I had always thought salt mines were intensely unpleasant places, you know, 'sending someone to the saltmines', with unpleasant air and dry and itcy skin and things like that but it can't be that bad if people felt it worth their while to carve all those things while down there.
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This is SO cool - my only previous experience with salt mines came via Miss Bianca, (scroll down, para 15)and that place didn't seem anywhere near as wonderful, even though it did have carvings.
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I visited the mine five years ago after reading about it in a Let's Go book. The pictures just don't do it justice. It's an amazing, amazing place, and the visitor facilities and organization are top-notch.
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WOW. Those pictures are amazing! What a great post, dersins. I didn't get to go to the mines when I visited Krakow, but now that I've seen these pictures, I will definitely make a point of visiting Wieliczka on the next trip to Poland.
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I've been there. It's maybe the coolest place I've ever been.
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I visited in 2000 and it was truly amazing. We were told that the entire cathedral was made primarily by 3 men over the course of 200 years. Other faves include the Copernicus statue to commemorate his trip there to perform experiments.

I was there with a group of foreign university students being toured around by Polish students. As we were getting ready to leave, there was an announcement over the PA and all the Polish folks started looking a little concerned. Turns out the only elevator in the mine had just broken. We ended up spending an extra few hours down there, but it was worth it for the elevator ride.
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btw- there's some better pics on flickr
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'sending someone to the saltmines'

Part of that may have been that these things are so huge that the donkeys that worked them lived their whole lives in the mine, I suppose that could be somewhat true of the miners, too.
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The pictures don't quite do the scale of the place justice - it's like you'd imagine the Mines of Moria to be - and as our guide took great pains to stress, was all carved by men "using only their muscles".

There's a very life like statue of Karol Wojtyla otherwise known as Pope John Paul II, who lived in Krakow for 40 years before becoming Pope. Much of the carving is alters, which gives some idea of the peril the miners felt they were in.

If you do go, lick the walls - it's a bizarre feeling.
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i really want to go there.
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I also went in 2000, again, these pictures, zey do nuffink. It's enormous, and just mind-blowingly intricate. Well worth a visit.
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Wow, this is great. Thanks, dersins.
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We should bring back the Post Of The Day competition, then retroactively award an iphone to Dersins for this.

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I'm on board with that plan.
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AWEsome, dersins, thanks for posting this.
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Is it wrong that this turns me on?
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I was there, and thought it sucked. The babushka tour guide droned on and on, oring as hell, and the wait for an elevator to the surface was interminable. Maybe it has improved since the early '90s, though.
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oring and boring.
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800 years eh? Seems more stable than American mining operations......
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Incredible. Amazing post. Never imagined salt mines or salt miner creativity. Will look at my box of Morton salt differently now.
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Everything you've been posting lately is awesome, dersins.
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Thanks. I decided that I maybe needed to contribute more to the site than just some bitchy metatalk comments.
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Oh, but please don't stop those!
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i'm going there next week so cheers for a great post.
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